Official Whatsapp app for Macbook users now available for everyone

According to WaBetaInfo, Mac users who have been waiting for WhatsApp's native version can finally download it without any restrictions. 

The new app should be quicker and more effective than the present web-wrapped Electron version because it was created with Mac Catalyst and optimized for Mac hardware. 

Official Whatsapp app for Macbook users now available for everyone

In addition, you receive a new layout with three panels so you can quickly switch between chats, calls, archived messages, and starred messages while keeping an eye on connections and interactions.

With Apple's Catalyst, programmers may convert iOS programs to run on macOS or make a single version that works on both platforms. Since Catalyst was used to develop the Mac, there is some optimism that an iOS version of the long-awaited product may be released soon. When Meta announced in 2021 that it was enhancing WhatsApp's multi-device functionality, rumors about an upcoming iPad version began to circulate.

WhatsApp unveiled a native version for Windows 10 last year that operates without a smartphone. It has a similar appearance as the Mac app and provides faster and more reliable performance.

The native macOS app has been available on TestFlight for a while, but there are just a few tester spots available there until now. 

How to Download Native Whatsapp for Macbook

You can now download the native Whatsapp's Macbook app from the whatsapp website here. It is still in beta stage though

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