By 2035, the European Parliament will forbid the sale of new gas vehicles.

The sale of new gas-powered vehicles is getting closer to being outlawed in the European Union. The European Parliament has approved a Council resolution mandating that by 2035, all new passenger cars and vans must have zero emissions. 

The change also updates several 2030 goals. A company must now sell at least 25% of its vehicles (and 17% of its vans) as zero-emissions models in order to be eligible for incentives between 2025 and 2029. Incentives will be eliminated in 2030.

By 2035, the European Parliament will forbid the sale of new gas vehicles.

The European Commission is tasked under the new regulations with monitoring actual accomplishments. It has until 2025 to figure out how to collect data on the emissions of the "whole life-cycle" of cars sold in the EU, and starting in 2026 it will monitor the discrepancy between emission caps and actual consumption figures. The Commission will start publishing updates every two years by the end of 2025 to track advancements toward zero-emission transportation.

Before the text may be published in the EU Official Journal and go into effect, the Council must still approve it. For specialized automakers who build fewer than 10,000 new cars or 22,000 new vans annually, the proposal relaxes the pre-2035 transition regulations; however, companies producing fewer than 1,000 cars annually will remain exempt.

However, the EU's years-long movement toward a ban on the sale of gas-powered vehicles has already had the desired effect, and the final ratification is simply a formality. 

By 2035 or earlier, automakers including GM, Stellantis, Volvo, and VW already have plans to stop selling all cars with combustion engines in the area (and occasionally the entire world), while others like Renault have made commitments to electrify the majority of their inventory by 2025. The question now is which companies will finish first as the change is already well under way.

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