Celebrating Valentine's Day with the Inflation: How to celebrate on a budget


After a year of unprecedented food inflation, which increased the cost of everything from gadgets to chocolates to dining out, this Valentine's Day is expected to be different.

According to research firm Kantar, Britons paid a record 16.7% more for food in the four weeks to January 22 compared to the same period last year. This was due to supply chain bottlenecks from the COVID era and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Celebrating Valentine's Day with the Inflation: How to Stay Safe

Romantic dinners for two will thus be more expensive, and eateries are changing their menus to appeal to diners on a tight budget( we are yet to confirm Nigeria eateries' plan though).

A three-course set menu featuring "a prosecco and raspberry mimosa, heart-shaped dough balls, and a main, such as our Padana, with creamy goat's cheese and delicious caramelised onion" was presented by the British restaurant chain PizzaExpress last year.

The advertisement for the dinner read, "Will the Triple Salted Caramel Cheesecake tickle your fancy?" It cost 23.95 pounds ($29) per person.

PizzaExpress is promoting a "love bundle" comprising a starter and a "classic" pizza for 15 pounds this year, which is a little less spectacular.

In Nigeria where we have several eateries like Chicken republic, Mr Biggs, Tantalizers, Paris Bakery, Kilimanjaroo and several others; there's no concise plan for Valentine's day which could be connected to the various economic issues ravaging the country at the moment.

If you've got a special offer from an eatery near you, feel free to share the details with us via comments.

How to spend Valentine's Day on a Budget

1. Have a Picnic

You can pick your preferred outdoor location from your property, a lovely beach, or an area with fewer people. Bring a mat, some prepared snacks, bottles of wine, and a soft blanket. Then, spend time with your partner engaging in activities you both enjoy.

2. Recreate your first Date

I would like to believe your first date was not the too expensive type or perhaps you've even grown above that stage financially.

How did the two of you first connect? It would undoubtedly evoke many enjoyable memories if it were recreated. Which location did you go to? Which meal did you have? What attire did you don? (Wear something very similar if you can't wear the garments any more.) You'll be astonished at how much fun you and your date will have if you talk about how you both felt on your first date.

3. Give your Lover a Gift that will not exceed Valentine's Day

If you're on a tight budget, you should offer your significant other a gift that will last a long time rather than one that would only make them feel good once. gifts like cameras, gym memberships, or shares. Long after Valentine's Day has passed, your partner continues to love these gifts.

It's not necessary to lose money by being purposeful about expressing affection to your mate. And having fun shouldn't be hindered by being on a tight budget. We created this list specifically for you and your partner to receive Valentine's Day ideas, even on a tight budget.

4. Hang out with other Couples

On Valentine's Day, there are typically a number of gatherings and events for couples all over the world. Attend a reasonable one in a desirable location to connect with other couples. You get to spend time outside and expand your network at the same time. double success :)

5. Host a Game Night

Whether you're single, in a relationship, or married, this is applicable to everyone. Host a game night and invite guests over. There are many enjoyable gaming alternatives available; you can utilize different cards to host those games or select possibilities from the internet. 

You'll not only be having fun in this manner, but you'll also be contributing to the enjoyment of many others. Keep in mind that you're on a tight budget, so you should restrict the number of guests.

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