Microsoft releases Teams Premium with features powered by OpenAI

Microsoft is incorporating OpenAI's technology into more of its products and services, following the recent announcement that the corporation is investing several billion dollars in the startup. Microsoft has declared that Teams Premium is currently widely accessible. 

Large language models driven by OpenAI's GPT-3.5 are a feature of the service, which also includes additional technology aimed at making meetings "more intelligent, tailored, and protected," according to Microsoft.

Microsoft releases Teams Premium with features powered by OpenAI

AI-generated PowerPoint Live chapters are available with Teams Premium, along with "custom timeline markers for when you leave and join a meeting." Additionally, there are currently live translations in the captions. With the aid of GPT-3.5, Teams Premium will soon be able to generate meeting notes automatically. 

Users will now have access to task and action item suggestions that were generated by AI. Microsoft is likely to add more AI capabilities to Teams Premium over time.

The business previously unveiled the Azure OpenAI Service for developers, along with a tool to assist amateurs in creating their own apps and a graphic design software, all of which are driven by OpenAI technology. Apparently, Microsoft is integrating ChatGPT, the wildly popular chatbot from OpenAI, into Bing (Google is said to be working on an AI chatbot for Search too.)

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