Open AI has launched ChatGPT Pro - See Features and Pricing


The AI chatbot ChatGPT, which has gained enormous popularity in recent months, is going premium. OpenAI launched ChatGPT Plus after announcing a few weeks ago that it will test a premium plan.

There are of course various benefits associated with a ChatGPT Plus membership, even though users will still be able to use the chatbot for free. Even at busy times, subscribers will have open access to the chatbot, according to OpenAI. Additionally, they will receive priority access to updates and new features from ChatGPT as well as quicker response times.
Open AI has launched ChatGPT Pro - Here's what to expect

Currently, the paid service is only offered in the US for $42. Over the next few months, OpenAI intends to gradually invite people on the ChatGPT Plus waitlist to sign up for the service. In the near future, the company hopes to make the plan available to people in other nations and areas.

According to OpenAI, the premium plan will contribute to the continued free use of ChatGPT. In order to enhance availability, it is also looking into more affordable subscriptions, business plans, and data packs.

According to a blog post by OpenAI, "We released ChatGPT as a research preview to learn more about the system's strengths and drawbacks and seek user comments to assist us improve upon its limits." Since then, millions of people have provided input, we've made numerous significant upgrades, and we've observed users finding benefit across a number of professional use-cases, such as writing and editing articles, brainstorming ideas, getting assistance with programming, and learning new topics.

What to expect in the ChatGPT Pro?

  • Unlimited access to the AI Chatbot during peak and off-peak period
  • Faster responses to queries
  • Ability to send unlimited messages
  • Priority access to new features

Other sources of financing have been discovered by OpenAI. Microsoft revealed last month that it was investing several billion dollars in the business and that it intended to deploy OpenAI's technology more extensively throughout its businesses. After ChatGPT was introduced, Google apparently shifted its attention significantly to their AI research. At least 20 other AI-powered devices, including its own chatbot, are reportedly being prepared for display this year.

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