Opera will soon integrate ChatGPT with its Webpage and article summaries


Opera is making a significant investment in AI. This week, the business revealed intentions to incorporate generative AI capabilities into its web browser. 

The first feature to employ generative AI will be "Shorten," which would use ChatGPT to summarize articles and webpages. You'll see a new symbol to the right of the address bar when the feature is made public. By tapping it, a sidebar will popup with a bulleted synopsis of the webpage you're seeing via ChatGPT.


Shorten will begin rolling out to users "very soon," according to Jan Standel, vice president of marketing and communications at Opera, who spoke with The Verge. Other AI-powered features are being developed by the business, which says they would "augment" the Opera experience but didn't go into specifics.

Shorten's launch coincides with Microsoft's statement that it would rebuild Edge and give the browser a "AI-powered copilot." Web page summaries are among the capabilities of the new Prometheus model from the corporation. 

Additionally, Google revealed this past week that it is developing Bard, an AI chatbot that uses its LaMDA platform. The timing of the releases shows that Microsoft and Opera view generative AI as a means of displacing Google from the browser business. It remains to be seen, though, whether Chrome users will really abandon it as a result of those additions.

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