Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Full Specs, availability and Price


The first significant flagship phone launch of 2023 has occurred in February. At the Samsung Unpacked event today in San Francisco, Samsung is introducing the new Galaxy S23 series, and this year's trio of phones are not a surprise. The introduction of the Note replacement and the inclusion of a S Pen slot in the Ultra model were the main topics of discussion last year, but this year's developments seem less significant.

The majority of the enhancements to the base Samsung S23 and S23 Plus models feel minor, whereas the Galaxy S23 Ultra receives the most significant updates in the form of a new 200-megapixel back camera, an improved selfie camera, and a few software updates. Other enhancements are less evident, such as a change in the phone's screen's curve, new case materials, and the newest Qualcomm CPUs.

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Everything about the S23 Ultra feels like a slight improvement, with the exception of the camera bump. But that's not always a terrible thing; it does imply that people who purchased the model from the previous year won't feel left out if they wait to purchase the new phone.

The only other things I can think of are different colors and storage choices. See the full Specs, availability and price of the Samsung galaxy s23 ultra as you read on.

Full Specifications and Price of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Design and Display

The S23 Ultra appears to be nearly identical to its predecessor at first appearance, unless you have one of the more recent hues like green or lavender. Although Samsung claims to have lessened the curvature of the screen borders to make it simpler to operate with the S Pen, the device still has a boxy design. Although we couldn't really detect the difference, especially without an S22 Ultra on hand to make a side-by-side comparison, the display can now hit up to 1,750 nits of outdoor peak brightness. And even though utilizing a 6.8-inch screen with one hand could be a little difficult, One can still be able to reach across the screen to hit distant parts. Just some work would be required.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Full Specs, availability and Price

Sustainability is one of Samsung's key focuses for the S23 Ultra. The Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra was made of post-consumer plastic from used fishing nets as well as pre-consumer recycled aluminum and glass. 

Additionally, the S23 Ultra is the industry's first phone to employ Gorilla Glass Victus 2, which the manufacturer claims offers "increased durability for long-term use and [was] built with an average of 22 percent pre-consumer recycled content." Sincerely, one can be unable to distinguish between them only by touching. The S23 Ultra felt well-made and wasn't notably heavier or lighter than it was previously, is all we could report for now.


The 200-megapixel "Adaptive Pixel" rear sensor, which Samsung claims is a first for its Galaxy family of products, is the most significant update to the S23 Ultra. While shooting at 200MP is an option, the system by default uses pixel binning to produce brighter, crisper images at 12MP. 

The default level produced the greatest image when it was used to take a photo of a bowl of lemons at the accessible settings of 200MP, 50MP, and the default level. In all three photographs, after zooming in on the fruit's peel, small pits and hairs were found on the 12MP shot. The skin texture could hardly be seen on the other two due to the lack of detail.

Samsung claims that a new "AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) algorithm" has improved its Nightography mode, resulting in sharper photographs in low light. We'll have to wait till we can conduct a real-world test to see how well this works as our demo area was quite brilliantly illuminated and according to reports from engadget, they were unable to access any dim nooks to test this claim.

Additionally, even though an 8K video was reportedly taken with the galaxy s23 ultra at 30 frames per second (up from 24fps earlier), it's difficult to assess the quality from simply watching the film on a phone. If you intend to shoot a lot of 8K footage, you should probably spend the extra money for the new 1TB storage model.


According to Samsung, the processing algorithms have been improved to "carefully depict a person's dynamic qualities" based on specifics "even down to minute facial elements such as hair and eyes." I don't really understand what that final one implies practically and the few pictures I took didn't show a difference. I was unable to test some other upgrades to the S23 Ultra's cameras during the hands-on session. With a doubled field of view, optical image stabilization (OIS) can now correct for twice as much movement in all directions. 

We also examined the new 12MP selfie camera on the S23 Ultra, which is standard throughout this year's lineup. Even if the two basic models' increased resolution appears to be an improvement, the S22 Ultra's 40MP sensor can make the 12MP resolution seem like a step down. However, a Samsung representative informed engadget that the new sensor is larger and more sophisticated, with dual-pixel focusing. They can now film clips at 60 fps, up from 30 fps earlier, and they also support Super HDR. The few selfies that was taken during the demonstration were clear and autofocused quickly, but we are unable to determine how much better the S23 Ultra is than its predecessor and rivals without a side-by-side comparison.

The Ultra's array of rear cameras is otherwise unchanged from the previous model. There are two 10MP telephoto cameras and a 12MP ultrawide camera in addition to the new 200MP sensor. The normal S23s lack a laser autofocus, while the Ultra does.

Processor, Battery and S-Pen

The Ultra is the only model, just like last year, with a S Pen that tucks neatly inside the onboard slot. The stylus is the same as last year, and I had no trouble making the few sketches and notes I took during my preview.

As usual, there are many aspects about which we must wait until we have completed our entire battery of testing before we can make a definitive statement. For instance, all of the new S23s are powered by a specialized Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip from Qualcomm with faster clock rates than the ordinary model. A whole 100Mhz faster than the standard, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Samsung Galaxy will run at speeds of up to 3.3GHz. The processor is the "fastest Snapdragon ever," according to Qualcomm, which also claimed that the upgrades include "accelerated performance... in both CPU and GPU frequencies." The advantages of the normal Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will still apply, such as hardware-accelerated ray-tracing for improved lighting effects in games.

In addition, the S23 line features a larger vapor cooling chamber to prevent overheating while playing a lot of games, and Samsung claims the S23 Ultra's 5,000mAh battery may last more than 20% longer than the model from the previous year.

There wasn't much I could do to evaluate the performance of the S23 Ultra other than installing benchmarks on the demo machines during the hands-on, which is kind of a no go. The phone functioned as quickly and efficiently as I had anticipated after installing Survivor.iO and playing the tutorial and opening round. However, when experimenting with new OneUI capabilities like selecting system-generated themes and changing modes and routines, I did experience some slowness.

New One UI 5.1 Features

All three of the new S23s come pre-installed with OneUI 5.1, which adds exciting new capabilities that are both similar to Android 13 and similar to iOS 16. Samsung's software now provides lock screen personalization options that are very similar to Apple's, in addition to additional color palette possibilities generated from your choice of wallpaper. The color, font, and style of your clock widget are all customizable, as well as the system indication symbols that appear below it, your background, and more. However, the S23 Ultra offers an area for you to write a message in the event that you lose your phone and have enough faith in people to leave your contact information so that it can be found.

Additionally, Samsung is enhancing OneUI 5.1 with new Modes and Routines. The former is essentially the company's response to Apple's Focus modes. Both let you specify which apps to silence or whitelist and allow you to establish profiles for various activities you could engage in, like as sleeping, gaming, working out, or driving. However, OneUI's Routines functionality is a little more enjoyable. It basically offers more precise triggers and actions than "if this, then that" conditional programming. During the demonstration, a Samsung representative set the Ultra's wallpaper to change when Airplane mode is engaged. When we first tried to activate Airplane mode, there was some lag before the wallpaper changed, but later on, the transition was quicker.

The new widget stacks and Smart Suggestions widget, among other new OneUI features, are still extremely similar to their iOS counterparts. Similar to Apple's enhanced visual lookup, there is also a new Image Clipper tool that enables you to long press on a photo and grab just the topic without its background to share in other apps.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Full Specs, availability and Price

Because Samsung's design enables split screen, you can more easily drag and drop your stickers between apps and then resize them in Notes, for example. This makes Samsung's offering slightly distinct. In the short time I had it, Image Clipper looked to be approximately as accurate as the iOS version, which means it's generally good but occasionally misses stuff. It did a good job of recognizing people, but it couldn't tell a phone from from the table it was on.

You won't absolutely need to purchase an S23 in order to use these new tools, as OneUI 5.1 will most likely also be released for earlier Galaxy phones. 

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra: Availability and Pricing

You can already place a pre-order for the new flagships of Samsung Galaxy S23 starting on February 17th, the S23 Ultra will be offered for a price of $1,200. In order to learn more about performance, battery life, and how the S23s compare to the competition in the real world, make sure to wait for our full review after the full launch later this month.

Price of Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in Nigeria

The price of Samsung Galaxy s23 Ultra in Nigeria ranges from 900,000 Naira to 1,200,000 Naira depending on the market and features. You can also order it online on Jumia

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