Update your Apple Devices right away to fix a security bug

On Monday, Apple released security patches to fix a vulnerability in its operating systems. Even if these updates are typical, the company stated in the statement that the problem "may have been actively exploited," which means that hackers might have used the problem to get access to Apple devices.

Apple released security upgrades for its latest iPhone and iPad models, macOS Ventura, Safari, and other devices. 

Update your Apple Devices right away to fix a security bug

According to the Apple security updates website, security upgrades for the AppleTV and Apple Watch operating systems were also scheduled to be delivered on Monday, but information was not yet available at the time of writing. While the open-source browser engine, WebKit, was a frequent target, the security weaknesses varied between devices.

According to spokesperson Scott Radcliffe, Apple only has the release notes for the update to communicate about the exploits.

The business acknowledged The Citizen Lab at The University of Toronto's Munk School for their support, as well as Xinru Chi of Pangu Lab, Ned Williamson of Google Project Zero, Wenchao Li and Xiaolong Bai of Alibaba Group, and an anonymous researcher for discovering the issues.

Although patches for security weaknesses exposed on Apple devices are common, keeping devices updated can help safeguard consumers from becoming a target of an attack. Apple often withholds information about an exploit until a patch is made available to the general audience. The company provided timely patches for users of the iPad, iPhone, and macOS in August.

At the time of publication, the Citizen Lab had not reacted to a request for comment.

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