YouTube is testing a '1080p Premium' playback option

A new video quality option has reportedly appeared in the website's drop-down menu, according to some YouTube users. They can also see a playback choice for 1080p Premium that offers "Enhanced bitrate," in addition to the standard 1080p playback option. 

According to a spokesperson for the Verge website, "a small subset of YouTube Premium subscribers" are presently able to view the enhanced video quality that is being tested. An "increased bitrate version of 1080p" with "more information per pixel" and "better quality viewing experience" was how they defined it. Also, there shouldn't be any changes to the usual 1080p resolution's quality, which some viewers might not view as positive news.

YouTube is testing a '1080p Premium' playback option
Credit: Alamy

The normal 1080p resolution on the website is considered to be of low quality by viewers, according to a number of comments on the Reddit thread detailing the test. Yet, a greater bitrate—a metric for how much video data is transferred in a given length of time—could result in better visuals without increasing resolution.

Users would be able to watch better-looking, sharper-looking videos if they switched to 4K, but doing so would require them to stream a considerably larger file, which would cost them more or take up more of their data allotment.

But, the upgraded 1080p option is still still a test feature, and YouTube might not even approve it for a general release. Only subscribers to YouTube Premium will have access to it if it survives the testing stage. Users will have to pay either $12 per month for an individual account or $23 per month for a family plan to use the subscription service.

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