Apple reportedly bans employee use of ChatGPT

Apple is renowned for guarding its work and demanding confidentiality from its employees. The Tech company is now worried, according to The WSJ, that one of its employees could accidentally release confidential information while using ChatGPT

Apple reportedly bans employee use of ChatGPT

According to reports, Apple has prohibited the usage of ChatGPT and other AI tools like GitHub's Copilot, which can autocomplete code, to avoid such scenario. Apple is reportedly developing substantial language models of its own, according to the Journal. 

The Economist Korea revealed in early April that three Samsung employees had divulged private information to ChatGPT. Apparently, one employee asked the chatbot to optimize code, and another asked it to review the database source code for flaws. According to reports, the third employee gave the chatbot a recording of a meeting and instructed it to record minutes. It's not clear how or if Apple is totally forbidding the usage of generative AI tools. In contrast, Samsung limited the size of ChatGPT prompts sent to customers to a kilobyte, or 1024 characters. 

Because user interactions are relayed back to developers for additional training, large language models like OpenAI improve with usage. According to the terms and conditions of ChatGPT, for instance, chats "may be reviewed by [its] AI trainers to improve [its] systems." Limiting their use is not surprising for a covert firm like Apple. Nevertheless, OpenAI unveiled a new privacy control setting in April that enables users to disable their chat records, preventing the usage of their communications for training. The business made it available after having to temporarily suspend ChatGPT owing to a bug that exposed users' chat logs. 

If Apple is indeed working on LLM projects at this time, nothing is known about them, but John Giannandrea, who once oversaw Google's search and AI teams, is in charge of all of the company's AI initiatives. Over the past few years, the internet giant has also acquired a number of AI startups. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, gave a clue that the tech giant is proceeding cautiously when asked about AI in a recent interview. He said: "I do think it's very important to be deliberate and thoughtful in how you approach these things."

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