How to Register a New Business name with CAC without getting Queried 2023


It is very possible to register a business name online and have it approved without getting queried. I have even registered a business name that got approved the same day just recently.

In this article, I will be showing you how to register a business name by yourself without getting any query. Make sure you read everything from the beginning to the end and also take note of the section where I highlighted the major pitfalls that causes queries during the CAC business name registration process.

You will need the followings for Business name registration with CAC:
1. Means of Identification such as NIN slip, International Passport, and so on
2. A picture of your signature
3. Application and Name search fees (11,000 Naira should do)

If you have gotten the requirements ready, you can now proceed to the next stage.

Steps to Registering a New Business name with CAC

1. Create an account on the CAC portal

If you are first timer, you will need to register a new account with CAC by visiting this page.


2. Name Search

This is the first step involved in registering a new business name with CAC. Before you proceed with your choice of name, take note of the followings;

What you should know before submitting your preferred business name to CAC
  • You can not register a ordinary name without adding something that explains what you do. For instance Marcus will be rejected while Marcus Enterprises will be accepted.
  • For business name registration, your name should NOT contain words like Chamber of commerce, Limited, LTD, Investment, Group.
  • You CAN NOT register a business name that has already been registered by you or someone else, so therefore, you need to thoroughly search the CAC company search portal here to be know if the name you intend to register is not existing
  • You need to create two name options

If you have observed the previous steps properly, you should be ready to submit your name for approval, you can either click the 'New Name Reservation' button on your dashboard or follow this link to navigate directly to the Name reservation page (see screenshot below to see my selections on the page) 

Enter your preferred names in the boxes labelled Option 1 and 2 respectively then Save and continue. In the next page, you will be asked to select a category for the business. Make sure you pick the most relevant category to avoid getting queried for choosing a wrong one.

3. Complete the Business Name Application

If you have completed the previous step, an officer at the CAC will review your submission and either Approve or Reject the submitted names, if you have followed my guide carefully, one of the business name you submitted should definitely be approved and you can proceed to this stage.

Click the name that was approved and you will be taken to a page where you will submit more information about your business as seen in the screenshot below


How to Register a New Business name with CAC without getting Queried
In this stage, you will need to fill the form with all the correct information about the business BUT take note of the business commencement date; make sure you select a date that is less than 30 days to that very day of registration. In order to be on a safer side, I will advise you select yesterday's date for instance, if you are registering the business name on March 6, 2023, let your date of commencement be March 5, 2023.

In the Branch section, leave it blank except you truly have a branch you want to add to the application and take note that addition of branch incurs extra charges. You can see my article on How to pay for branch address in case you receive CAC query for adding an extra branch.

In the second page titled particulars of proprietor, you may just review it to be sure that your details are correct, in case there is any need for edit, just go to the profile icon to edit your profile and return to the application form after 10-15minutes for your edit to sync on your form.

In the third page, you will be required to select the best category where your business fits into, you should go through all the available options and select the best fit then use the description box to enter the nature of business as you would like it displayed on your Certificate for instance SALES OF HAIR, SALES OF CREAMS AND GENERAL MERCHANDISE.

It is always advisable to end it with General Merchandise so that you will be covered if your business decides to venture into other businesses that are not listed in future.

On the next page titled Document upload, you will be required to upload the mandatory documents marked with *red asterisk first followed by any other one that applies to your business. Make sure the signature you wrote and snapped is very clear and legible to avoid getting query from the CAC.

After uploading of documents, review your application and if everything looks good, make the payment via Remita as instructed, you have various method of payment options to choose from, select the one that's more convenient for you and submit.

Your application will now undergo a final review by one of their officials. Once everything looks good, you will receive an email notification informing you that your business name has been approved.

In case you still receive any query in your business name application with CAC, kindly read this article on how to resolve CAC query and get your business name approved


Can I register a business name with CAC without an Agent?

Of course you can, when you follow this guide from beginning to the end, you should be able to register a business name on CAC without getting queried.

How do you check if a company is registered with CAC?

You can check if a company is already registered with CAC by visiting this page  on the CAC portal. You will only need the RC number of the company or the name of the business. 

How soon can I register a business name and have it approved?

If you start early in the morning, you can register your business name and have it approved within a day. The screenshot below shows a business name I registered  and also got it approved in less than 6 hours.

Now that you know how to register a business name via the CAC portal without getting queried, feel free to share this post via any of the share buttons below this post to inform your friends and loved ones.

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