5 Functions of Your PS5 Controller You Never Knew


You can use your PS5 controller's PS Button for more things than you may imagine. You may think you know everything until you read this post about five(5) different ways to use the PS5 Controller, although you might already be familiar with one or two of them. See the full list to unlock all the functions.

5 Functions of Your PS5 Controller You May never Know

Hidden Functions of PS5 Controller

1. Control Center Activation

A single press of the button activates the Control Center, which is the initial feature. You can now access your PlayStation console's settings and functionality.

The Control Center on the PS5 serves as a convenient and customizable quick menu, granting easy access to various features and settings. Its purpose is to streamline navigation by providing shortcuts to frequently used options, eliminating the need for longer routes.

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Accessible and customizable, the Control Center permits users to personalize their experience by arranging preferred items for swift retrieval. This promotes efficiency in navigating the console's functionalities.

Within the Control Center, users gain access to an array of valuable features. Notably, accessibility settings enable fine-tuning of the gaming experience to suit individual preferences. The Switcher function facilitates seamless transitions between recent apps or games, ensuring smooth multitasking. Additionally, the Control Center provides a concise overview of connected PS5 accessories.

2. Open PS5 Home Screen

A longer press activates the second feature, which brings up the PS5 Home Screen. You can use this to browse your games, applications, and other material.

3. Open Playstation activity Cards

A double-tap activates the third feature, which displays PlayStation activity cards. These cards offer rapid access to tasks and information pertaining to games, media, or the news.

4. Turn off your PS5 Console

The super long press is maybe the least well-known of all. Your PS5 console will completely turn off if you press and hold the PS button for about 10 seconds. If you need to rapidly shut off your console, this can be helpful.

5. Activate and Deactivate Internal Mic

There are other features of your PS5 controller that you should learn about in addition to these ones. It has a built-in microphone, for instance. The microphone is turned on by default, however you may quickly silence it by tapping the LED bar next to the PS button. The microphone is silenced when the bar becomes orange. 

This can stop unintentional sharing of private chats in multiplayer online chat rooms. It's important to note that mutting the controller also makes the Adaptive Triggers and haptic feedback capabilities more active

Knowing about and using these hidden features can improve your gaming and reduce the time you spend navigating the PS5 console.

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