CEO of X Confirms that Video Call Feature is on the Way


A video chat feature is coming to X (previously Twitter), according to CEO Linda Yaccarino. During an interview with Sara Eisen of CNBC, according to TechCrunch, Yaccarino stated, "Soon you'll be able to make video chat calls without having to give your phone number to anyone on the platform." The decision matches Yaccarino and Musk's vision for X, which they describe as a "everything app" including long-form movies, payments, and creator subscriptions.


This week, X designer Andrea Conway made a cryptic post that was followed by the announcement. She wrote, "Just called someone on X," followed by four head-exploding emojis. Although she didn't specify in that post whether she meant voice calls or video calls, it now seems clear that she meant the latter.

Given the crowded field of video chat options, which currently includes Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Apple FaceTime, and others, it is unclear how X video conversations would satisfy a pressing need for customers. The platform once known as Twitter, in contrast, is increasingly seen by Musk and Yaccarino as going far beyond tweets into a real-time town square for varied media, conversations, and payments as they work to reinvent the company.

“At the heart of the rebrand, X, we need to keep our minds open that it’s developing into this global town square that is fueled by free expression where the public gathers in real time,” Yaccarino said. “And I want to stop on that for a second because ‘in real time’ is what’s most important about the vibrancy of X and how people interact with it. And now it’s all in one seamless interface.”

Long-form video was one of the platform's initial forays into novel domains. In May, the business introduced a Twitter Blue benefit that allows customers to upload movies up to two hours long. As an early adopter, Apple posted the whole first episode of its television series Silo on the social network. One user claimed to have received $24,000 from X, which has lately started compensating content creators with a large enough following to earn cash.

Yaccarino reiterated what the business had previously said about X as a payment platform. Payments: There has been much discussion on it, she noted. The exchange of money between you and a buddy or one of your creators. Therefore, the redesign reflected a lot of activity and was essentially a break from Twitter. It was a liberty that enabled us to get past our ingrained ways of thinking and to envisage how everyone watching, listening, and congregating on these spaces will alter how we socialize, entertain, and conduct business on a single platform.

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