GTA 6 Leaked Police Chase Footage and more goes Viral Online (Pictures)


More Grand Theft Auto 6 gameplay has been leaked online, including nightclubs, police chases, and other previously unreleased materials.

The forthcoming Grand Theft Auto game from Rockstar Games is still cloaked in secrecy and intrigue, despite being undoubtedly one of the biggest launches in gaming history.
GTA 6 Leaked Police Chase Footage and more goes viral online

Grand Theft Auto 6 hasn't had any official announcements as of yet, but its publisher, Take-Two Interactive, has indicated that game will be out in 2025, so we might be seeing one soon.

In the interim, any piece of information—be it insider claims, conjecture and rumor, or gameplay leaks—has grown in value among news sources and online forums.

That leads us to the most recent leaks to appear on our social media platforms, thanks to @RockstarGTAVl, who released a wealth of leaked material on Twitter that, as of the time of writing, is still available, at least in part.

Although none of the gameplay segments in the videos appeared to be finished, they may have been from an earlier stage of the game's development.

Another look at the nightclubs, which we covered last week, free-roam gameplay, and even some of the new features for cars, like having the sun visor down or not, were all included in some of the videos.

The most notable was a video that displayed the gamer being sought by authorities. The police AI has been the subject of discussion recently because it has allegedly been updated from Grand Theft Auto V, making them smarter, more responsive, and a greater threat to the player.

This was intriguing because evasive phases caused by cops in Grand Theft Auto V were criticized for appearing out of nowhere.

As one following car appeared to careen off the road for no apparent reason, the gameplay didn't offer much to support the improved police AI, but it was interesting to get a first look at how chases would appear in the finished product.

Daily progress brings GTA VI closer to release, but the wait is still excruciating, to put it mildly. It will be accessible on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC when it debuts.

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