Telegram Stories is now available to all Users with New Features


Following its launch for Premium members last month, Telegram's Stories feature is now available to all users. They show up above your conversation as expandable bubbles, similar to Facebook Messenger's Stories. The approach taken by Telegram, however, allows for finer control over who can access uploaded posts and for how long. The company stated in a blog post today that "now, when you meet people on Telegram, you'll see exciting snapshots of their life — not just a few profile photos."

The messaging service's 10th birthday coincides with the launch of Stories, which Telegram calls "by far the most-requested feature" in its ten-year existence. There are options for visibility for everyone, all contacts, selected contacts, or close friends in the privacy controls.

Credit: Telegram

You can also choose to conceal your posts in Telegram's Stories from contacts you don't want to see them, and Premium users can pick between 6, 12, 24 or 48 hours of new posts' exposure. Also available to post producers is a list of Telegram users who have watched their work. 

Additionally, it includes a dual-camera mode akin to BeReal that enables you to share both front- and rear-facing camera images or videos at the same time. Viewers can add a heart or select from "hundreds" of other responses to postings using the feature's reactions.

For Premium customers who pay $5 per month, some of Stories' more complicated controls are available. Most importantly, paid users' posts appear first and receive more visibility. Subscribers can read other people's stories anonymously, keeping their visit's details a secret from the author. 

In addition, subscribers receive the aforementioned unique expiration choices, a permanent view history (which allows you to discover who viewed your posts even after they have expired), the ability to save Stories to the gallery, "10 times longer" descriptions, and a greater daily Story allowance (up to 100).

The iOS and Android apps for the service will start receiving Telegram Stories today.

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