Threads Web App might be released this week


A web version of Threads by Instagram could be released as soon as this week based on a report on Wall Street Journal. A web version with improved search functionality was promised by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg earlier this month, and Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri recently stated that one is currently being tested. Only iOS and Android currently have access to the full version of Threads, with browsers only having read-only functionality.

Near the top of the list of most desired features for Threads is a web version, but the company is being cautious with the launch. You shouldn't use it just yet because it's a little buggy right now, Mosseri wrote on Instagram on Friday. "We'll share it with everyone else as soon as it's ready,"

Recent updates to Threads include the addition of new features like the ability to set notifications and view posts chronologically. Following reports that some state-run media outlets were publishing propaganda, the company also started labeling them. The "repost" tab, another new update, makes it simpler to view all content that has been reposted. (X, formerly known as Twitter, recently changed the term "retweets" to the more general term "reposts," ironically following Threads' example.) 

Threads would benefit from a web version at this point. The number of daily active users (DAUs), which had reached over 100 million in the first week of the service's launch, had decreased to 80% by mid-August. Though X reported having 364 million monthly active users and 238 million DAUs in August 2023, Threads is by far the most popular alternative. 

Whatever the case, the introduction of a web version will be especially helpful for social media power users now that X has permanently placed one of its key tools for those users, Tweetdeck, behind a paywall. Got anything to add to this post? Tell us via comments.

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  1. Mark will need to do more in order to rival the Giant Twitter, most especially because Elon Musk is now giving creators a percentage of Twitter revenue from Ads. Fingers crossed anyways


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