Top 15 Websites to get Masters/PhD Scholarships for Africans


When it comes to pursuing higher education, especially Masters and PhD programs, the financial burden can often be a significant obstacle for many African students. However, there are numerous scholarship opportunities available that can make these academic aspirations more attainable. In this article, we'll explore the top 15 websites where you can get Masters and PhD scholarships for Africans.

1. FindAPhD (

FindAPhD is a comprehensive platform that specializes in connecting prospective PhD students with funded research opportunities worldwide. The website provides a user-friendly interface to search for PhD scholarships that cater to the needs of African students.

2. GradSchools (

GradSchools offers a diverse range of scholarship resources for students seeking graduate-level education. The website is an excellent starting point to discover scholarships that can assist African students in pursuing their academic dreams.

3. PhDportal (

PhDportal is an international database that helps students find PhD programs and scholarships. African students can browse through a wide array of available scholarships tailored to their specific fields of interest.

4. ( is a comprehensive platform that aggregates scholarships from various sources. It's an invaluable resource for African students searching for financial aid to pursue higher education abroad.

5. LinkedIn Scholarships Page (

LinkedIn's Scholarships page features a collection of scholarship opportunities from around the world. It's a great resource for African students looking to connect with global scholarship providers.

6. DAAD - German Academic Exchange Service (

The DAAD scholarship program offers various funding opportunities for African students interested in studying in Germany. The website provides comprehensive information about scholarship options, application procedures, and more.

7. LinkedIn Opportunities Page (

LinkedIn's Opportunities page is a hub for various opportunities, including scholarships. African students can find scholarships, grants, and internships that align with their educational goals.

8. Study in Canada (

Canada is known for its diverse and inclusive education system. The Study in Canada website provides insights into scholarship opportunities available for African students pursuing higher education in the country.

9. LinkedIn Jobs Page (

LinkedIn's Jobs page also features scholarship opportunities in addition to job postings. African students can leverage this platform to explore scholarships that match their academic interests.

10. LinkedIn Learning Page (

LinkedIn Learning's page is another avenue to discover educational opportunities, including scholarships. It's a valuable resource for African students seeking scholarships to further their studies.

11. PhDStudies (

PhDStudies is a global database that connects prospective PhD candidates with universities and scholarships worldwide. African students can find relevant scholarships to support their research pursuits.

12. LinkedIn Education Page (

LinkedIn's Education page offers a platform to explore educational opportunities, including scholarships, grants, and academic programs that can benefit African students.

13. ProFellow (

ProFellow is a platform that curates various fellowship and scholarship opportunities. African students can explore scholarships for different academic levels and fields of study.

14. Chevening Scholarships (

Chevening Scholarships, funded by the UK government, offer opportunities for African students to study in the United Kingdom. The website provides details about application requirements and deadlines.

15. Gates Foundation Scholarships (

The Gates Foundation offers scholarships that cover tuition and living expenses for African students pursuing postgraduate studies in specific fields.

In conclusion, pursuing higher education through Masters and PhD programs is more accessible than ever for African students, thanks to the numerous scholarship opportunities available on these websites. By leveraging these platforms, aspiring scholars can embark on their academic journey with financial support, turning their dreams into reality.

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