Elon Musk's X is going to use public data to train AI models


The Former Twitter, now known as X, has recently faced scrutiny due to Bloomberg's discovery that the social media platform intends to gather biometric data, alongside users' job and education information.

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A recently published privacy policy reveals that X plans to utilize this data, in conjunction with other personal information, to train its AI models—a revelation initially brought to light by Alex Ivanovs at Stackdiary.

This updated privacy policy explicitly states that the company intends to leverage the data it collects, in combination with publicly available information, to enhance its machine learning algorithms.

The policy statement reads, 'We may employ the information we gather and publicly accessible data to refine our machine learning and artificial intelligence models, aligning with the objectives outlined in this policy.'

Elon Musk has confirmed this change but clarifies that only publicly accessible information will be gathered, with no access to 'DMs or any private content.' With X lacking a dedicated press arm, obtaining more precise details regarding the scope and purpose of data collection has become a challenging task."

While X may not overtly proclaim public AI ambitions, its owner, Elon Musk, certainly does. Musk recently introduced 'xAI,' a company with the audacious goal of 'understanding the true nature of the universe.' Speculation arises that your biometric data and related information could be instrumental in advancing this lofty and intriguing mission. Stackdiary has drawn attention to text featured on the xAI homepage, indicating that it will collaborate closely with X to 'make progress toward our mission.'

Another potential direction for this data lies in Musk's recent declaration to challenge LinkedIn, expressing his view that the employment platform was 'cringe,' and that X's version would be 'cool.' This rationale may account for the collection of job and education histories from X's user base.

Lastly, a third scenario could involve X exploring alternative revenue streams. Although there's no concrete evidence to support this, selling user data remains a common practice in the social media realm. Historically, Twitter primarily employed collected user data for its own benefit, rather than sharing it with third parties.

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  1. All these tech giants are really making money off the users of their services. Will the AI be free to use at the end of the day, the answer is NO.

    Elin Musk really knows what he's doing though

  2. We are getting tire of all these AIs. It kills creativity in human beings


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