How Coca-Cola made an AI-generated Soda called Y3000


In the midst of today's pervasive AI presence, the cola battleground has witnessed an unexpected turn. Coca-Cola, with its innovative vision, has introduced a novel flavor crafted in collaboration with artificial intelligence. This groundbreaking soda, referred to as the 'cola from the future,' has made its debut for a limited time, offering both regular and zero sugar options, as reported by CNBC.


Introducing Y3000: Coca-Cola's Futuristic Flavor Creation. While the name exudes a futuristic aura, reminiscent of Skynet and its menacing Terminators, Y3000 remains shrouded in mystery when it comes to its actual taste. Testers, however, liken it to the delightful essence of a raspberry slushy.

How Coca-Cola Y3000 was made?

Coca-Cola has unveiled the intriguing story behind the creation of Y3000. The journey commenced with researchers gathering flavor preferences from consumers, aiming to decipher the taste trends of the future. This valuable data was then meticulously input into their proprietary artificial intelligence system, which played a pivotal role in crafting the distinct flavor profile. Thus, the birth of this novel soda, a truly remarkable feat in the world of beverages.

In a nod to the intrigue of 'Secret Invasion,' Coca-Cola has leveraged the power of AI for a covert mission: designing the captivating artwork adorning their sleek cans. These cans exude a vibrant, beachy, and neon-purple aesthetic that bears a striking resemblance to image generation platforms like Dall-E or Midjourney. Additionally, this futuristic elixir is not confined to slim cans alone; it's also available in the more conventional-sized bottles.

Y3000, classified as a limited edition flavor, leaves us guessing when it might follow the footsteps of other futuristic food experiments, such as Dippin’ Dots freeze-dried ice cream or the infamous Crystal Pepsi. However, it appears that Y3000 is here to stay at least through the fall, as Coca-Cola has unveiled a unique collaboration with luxury streetwear brand Ambush. Together, they plan to launch an exclusive Y3000-themed clothing collection later in the season.

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  1. This Artificial intelligence of a thing is beginning to scare me for real. If AI can now create a cola flavor, then what happens to the human department in charge of that; it means their job is now threatened more than before.

    Let me start learning AI before technology takes over everything

    1. Your decision to learn AI is definitely a good one.

      It's better to move with the trends rather than complain and end up being caught off guard


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