3 Best Facebook Messenger Hacking Apps in 2020

It’s the end of a crazy decade! In the past 10 years, trends changed, technology advanced and climate changes got real. Yahoo got replaced with Gmail and Facebook with Instagram. But some things never change. Facebook was and still one of the biggest social platforms!

Thank Mark Zuckerberg for it! Facebook is an evergreen social media platform used for chatting with friends and family, marketing your new start-up, getting help from people and of course announcing your 2020 resolution! 

You know what else advanced in the course of the past 10 years? Hackers and their hacking techniques. Interestingly the most commonly hacked app is Facebook. People are always curious of what their girlfriends or boyfriends, spouses, children or employees are doing. 

There are a lot of Facebook hacking apps available but here I’ve summarized the three best hacking apps one can use in 2020. These ultimate apps are as easy as your Sunday morning routine, I promise! Check them out on Clickfree for more details.


1. Spyic 


Spyic in an extremely efficient and well-planned Facebook Messenger hacking app in the market. Being the cheapest solution and the most powerful one, we bring to you Spyic’s distinctive features with complete reliability. Check out on how to hack Facebook Messenger with Spyic.

An app trusted by millions, spread across the globe and has outreach in more than 190 countries, what do you need more? Spyic has been reviewed by top media firms like Forbes to add to their value. 

Using Spyic is not at all complex. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps and it’s hacked! Let’s see how to install Spyic. 

How to install Spyic?

The best thing about Spyic is, it can used for both Android as well as iOS devices. All you need to do is follow these three quick steps and you’re ready to roll. 

1. Go to www.spyic.com, signup and create your spyic account!

2. In case of Android phones, use the proper link to download the app on the target phone. 

3. For iOS devices, no rooting or jailbreaking is required. Enter the iCloud credentials such as name, OS, password before getting started. 

4. Once you have installed the app on the target’s phone, go the Spyic dashboard. The keylogger feature will help you track the Facebook password and ID of the target. 

5. And hacked! Use the Spyic dashboard to thereby find all the target’s activity on Facebook.  

Told you, it’s easy. Spyic is curated with user-friendly monitoring and regulating tools. Hence, hacking someone’s Facebook Messenger becomes easy and trouble-free. You don’t have to a pro hacker to do that. 

People usually spend more than 2 hours on average using Facebook. All the activities done on the social media platform are saved in a file. Spyic can get access to all those files without letting the target know. Talking about the features, here’s what all you can do using Spyic:

1. You can access the target user’s friend list and friend requests. 
2. You can read their private messages and group chats on Facebook messenger. 
3. Check out the profiles of people your target interacts with.
4. Easily track the user’s likes and comments, including all notifications that they are getting. 
5. Block anyone from the user’s account.
6. Retrieve media files being exchanged. Spyic gives you full access of the user’s Facebook activity. 

Spyic stands out from the other hacking apps because of its invisible feature. Once you download Spyic on the target phone, the icon will disappear so they won’t ever get to know. 

Besides being the number 1 solution for Facebook Messenger Hacking, it also possesses some unique features like location tracking, geofencing, call tracker, SMS tracker, etc. 

Spyic is undoubtedly the best Facebook Messenger hacking app ever. It has a stealth mode option which makes hacking efficient and safe. Now, you have more than one reason to install Spyic! 

Spyic is the ultimate life saver and a magical trick you never knew of. This 2020, give Spyic a chance because why settle for less, right? 

2. Cocospy

While looking for reliable and legitimate hacking apps in the market, Cocospy gives a tough competition too. It’s the go-to app for hacking app for Facebook Messenger. Using Cocospy helps you start monitoring Facebook Messenger activity in less than a few seconds. 

Cocospy also works in stealth mode hence it is one of the preferred apps for hacking. Once the app is installed, it gets hidden. Hence, there are no changes for detection from anywhere. 

The best part about Cocospy is that you do not need to root the target’s phone for sliding into his/her FB Messenger. You can also use the Cocospy Android keylogger to track every activity of the target on Facebook. Go to www.cocospy.com for a free live demo. 

Cocospy makes Facebook Messenger Hacking very easy and smooth! Check out the other features it offers in reasonable deals. You’ll be amazed. 

3. Spyier

Spyier is another great app one can use to hack someone’s Facebook and read their messages. It comes with endless features besides Facebook hacking for Android and iOS devices. It protects the user’s interests and prioritizes their security. 


It’s an amazing parental monitoring app that offers absolute secrecy. It simply lets you in the inbox of your target’s Facebook, get to know their password as well track phone’s activities. This app is user-friendly and a decent preference to go for. 

Track locations, read messages, view media files exchanged on Facebook Messenger, and also view the deleted files using Spyier. Want to spy on your high school crush? Use Spyier as it’s completely web-based ad 100% secure. 

One should always look it up and research about the spying apps before using them. Security is the priority. Spyic being the best hacking app and also Cocospy are tough competition to other hacking apps. Hence, one should always choose the best and the most reliable!

Now whether you want to know who your spouse is chatting with or what your kids are doing on Facebook, you know the 3 best Facebook Messenger hacking apps.

My personal suggestion would be Spyic due to its commendable reach and reliability. You can decide for yourself but remember, never settle for less. 

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