3 Easy Steps For Changing Your 2go Phone number

These tutorial will guide you on the three(3) easy steps for changing the phone number associated with your 2go account but before we proceed, here are the details of the requirements for completing the process:
(1) Your Full Name

(2) Username
(3) First 3 letters of your password
(4) Current mobile number i.e the number you want to change from
(5) New mobile number

I believe you’ve gotten all the details ready, so let’s continue…


First Step


Go to wap.2go.im from the native browser of your phone, after successful loading, go to the address bar of that page: it should like this-http://wap.2go.im/s/ZZBDJFIHcBDgi9aXN

Second Step

At the end of the url in the first step, simply add “change.php” then it should now look like this: http://wap.2go.im/s/ZZBDJFIHcBDgi9aXN/change.php. launch the new url on your browser and wait for it to finish loading.

Third Step

3 Easy Steps For Changing Your 2go Phone number
You will see all the parameters i mentioned earlier, fill in the parameters and click proceed, your account information should be changed successfully now

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4 thoughts on “3 Easy Steps For Changing Your 2go Phone number”

  1. its does not work sir….after i typed http://www.wap.2go.im i was expecting to see a replica of what yuou have got but instaed it game me another url had tpo close my browser and type what you have on ur url still yet the problem is dormant.how can you help sir?


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