3 Easy ways to Clear DSTV E16 error in Nigeria

E16 error is a common error on DSTV which usually shows as a result of expired subscription but sometimes it shows despite active subscription. In the case of an active subscription, here’s how to clear the E16 error and  restore viewing on your DSTV decoder.


NB: Before attempting any of these methods, make sure your decoder is powered ON

Clearing DSTV E16 error via SMS


To clear the E16 error on your DSTV decoder via SMS, simply compose a text message using this format:

RA leave a space then enter the first 10 digits of your smart card number TO 30333

For example RA 1234567890 to 30333 Where 1234567890 is my smart card number

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Clearing DSTV E16 error via Internet

  • Go to the Dstv Self service portal
  • Fill in your Smart card number, select the type of error you choose to clear “E16” in this case
  • Enter the captcha code then click “Clear Error” as seen in the screenshot below.

Clearing DSTV E16 Error by Calling DSTV Toll Free Lines

You can clear DSTV E16 error by talking to a Call Center Agent via the DSTV toll free lines, they are as follows;

9Mobile – 09090630333
Airtel – 07080630333
MTN – 08149860333
gLO – 08113630333

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12 thoughts on “3 Easy ways to Clear DSTV E16 error in Nigeria”

  1. My name is RICHARD ROBSON Sunday, my gotv is not connected I just renew my account an only washed it for one day an since then is only showing E16 and I can't wash any channels

  2. Please help clear error on E16-4 since I subscribed yesterday 14/9/19 my account has not been activated. Kindly reconnect my package. My smart card no. 4259556889. Thanks in advance. ( Mrs Sobola, Iyabode)


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