Airtel Data Plans: Full list and subscription Codes 2021

Are you living in an area with good Airtel internet coverage and wondering which Airtel data plan to subscribe? Worry no more as we provide you with the full list of Airtel Data plans, the prices, and their respective subscription codes.


The Airtel data plans I will be discussing in this post include the Pay As You Go Plans, daily plans, weekly plans, monthly plans, weekend and night plans, social plans, unlimited plans, the Android bundles and the Airtel triple surf offers to compensate loyal subscribers.
Airtel Data Plans 2021- Full list and subscription Codes
Airtel internet data plans

Apart from the Social plan, all the other plans work on any device.

Regardless of how your device consumes data, you will definitely find the data plan that will cater for your internet needs in the different lists compiled below.

Although, apart from buying Airtel data plans, there are many Airtel plans that offer free MB, let’s focus on the available data plan codes for now as we have already handled that aspect in a different post (Tap the previous link to see Airtel offers with free MB).



List of Airtel Data Plans in Nigeria 2020



These plans are meant to cater for your heavy data needs like video streaming, online courses, and other downloads.
The Binge plans and their respective subscription codes are as follows;

  • #300 Binge Plan costs N300, and the subscription code is *141*354#
  • #500 Binge plan costs N500, and the subscription code is *141*504#
  • #1500 Binge plan costs N1500, and the subscription code is *141*1504#



The Free Surf Plan gives you reduced browsing rate on a Pay as you Go level. This plan can also offer you up to 160 MB for FREE when you use up to 160MB. The charges rate on this plan starts from 1Kobo/Kilobyte.
To subscribe to the FREE SURF plan, dial *400#


The daily plans include the;
20MB for NGN 50 (*141*50#),

75MB for NGN 100(*141*100#),

200MB for 200 Naira (*141*200#),300MB for 300 Naira (*141*300#),750MB for 500Naira (*141*500#).




The Airtel Android bundles offer:
  • 1.5GB for N1000,
  • 3.5GB for N2000,
  • 5GB for N2500,
  • 7GB for N3500 and
  • 9GB for N4000.The features of this plan and their respective subscription codes have already been discussed in one of my previous posts, check it out here > Subscription Codes for the Airtel Android bundles.The Android bundle can be used in modems, MiFi, Android, iPhones and other internet-enabed devices that allow SIMS


The Weekly plans offer less than 30 days validity. The list of Airtel data plan codes that fall in this category are as follows;


  • Easy Plan – 750 MB for NGN 500
This plan gives you 750 MB for 14 days and it costs NGN 500. The plan is usable on any device.
To subscribe to the Easy plan dial *141*500#.
  • The 2G Pack

According to Airtel, the 2G Pack offers unlimited data service over a 2G network. The data Pack allows you to subscribe with NGN 200 or NGN 500. See the features of both subscriptions below;

– Unlimited 200 costs NGN 200 over a 10-day validity period. The amount of data is “Unlimited” but be rest assured that the rule of fair usage definitely applies. To subscribe to this plan, dial *482*1#.
– Unlimited 500 costs NGN 500, the data capacity is “Unlimited” with a validity period of 25 days. To subscribe to this plan, dial *482*2#.


The Monthly data plans on the Airtel network are as follow;

  • 1.5GB FOR N1000

The subscription code is *141*1000#

  • 2GB FOR N1200

The subscription code is *141*1200#

  • 3GB FOR N1500

The subscription code is *141*1500#

  • 4.5GB FOR N2000

The subscription code is *141*2000#

  • 6GB FOR N2500

To subscribe, dial *141*2500#

  • 8GB FOR N3000

To subscribe, dial *141*3000#

  • 11GB FOR N4000

To subscribe, dial *141*4000#

  • 15GB for N5000

This data plan offers you 15 GB data at N5000 for a period of 30 days and it is usable on all devices.

To subscribe to this data plan, dial *141*5000#.
  • 40GB for N10,000

This Airtel plan gives you 40GB data at N10,000 for a period of 30 days. To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*10000#.

  • 75 GB for N15,000

This plan offers 75 GB for N15,000 for a period of 60 days. The plan can also be used on any device. To subscribe, dial *141*15000#. 

  • 110 GB for N20,000

This plan offers 110 GB data for 180 days and it costs N20,000. To subscribe to this plan, dial *141*20000#.

  • 100GB for N70,000

The MEGA 70 plan gives you 100GB data for N70,000 with a validity period of 1 year (365 days). To subscribe to this plan, dial *407#.


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This plan will only give you access to instagram for a period of 24hours, see the available options below;

  • N100 Plan:

The plan offers 250MB data, and it costs 100 Naira. You can subscribe by dialing *141*105#

  • N200 Plan

This plan gives you 1GB data for instagram for just 100 Naira. You can subscribe by dialing *141*205#

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Airtel Social plans like the name goes are meant to power your social apps like whatsapp, twitter, and facebook ONLY. The available options are as follows;

  • Whatsapp Only Plan

This plan allows you to chat on your favorite whatsapp for 1 day, it costs N25, and the subscription code is *948*4#.

  • Airtel Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp Plan

This plan gives you the internet access to use the Facebook, twitter, and whatsapp applications on your device. The three available options and their respective subscription codes are;

50 Naira plan
This plan costs 50 Naira, it gives you 40MB data for 1 day, and the subscription code is *991*4#

100 Naira Plan
The plan costs 100 Naira, it gives you 80MB data for 5 days, and the subscription code is *688*3#

300 Naira Plan
The plan gives you 600MB data for 25 days. it costs #300, and the subscription code is *688*1#

How to check Airtel Data Balance

Now that you know all the important Airtel data plans and subscription codes, let’s find out how to check your Airtel data balance.
To check your Airtel data balance, dial *141*11*0# or *140#.
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Credits: Airtel website
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