Apple launches Customer Support Account on Twitter

Users of Apple devices can now enjoy Tech support via Twitter with the launch of the Apple Support – @AppleSupport on the popular micro-blogging site.This Support handle was launched this week and it is meant to handle Tips and Tutorials with less promotions.


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Unlike other official twitter handles of Apple products like the @AppleStore and @AppleMusic, this newly launched AppleSupport account on Twitter will focus more on providing Tech Support and Tutorials for users on Twitter. 


Few hours after the launch, the twitter handle has been observed to have received thousands of tech questions from various users of Apple devices across the globe showing that the whole idea was a great one.

If you’ve got any tech issue with your Apple device regardless of your continent or country, you can now be rest assured of having a Apple Genius attend to your problems. Follow @AppleSupport on Twitter and this blog too @AllenTdon

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