GTBank Internet Banking now possible without Hardware Token

Guaranty Trust Bank customers that couldn’t do much on the internet banking platform due to the lack of Hardware token can now make transactions without stress with the introduction of Token via USSD. If you do not have the hardware token, you can now get token for completing transactions by simply dialing a code from the mobile line that is associated with your account with GTBank.

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How to Get Tokens for completing GTBank Internet Banking Transactions  


Whether you are trying to make an online transaction on Quickteller or the GTBank internet banking platform, just follow the steps below;

1. Dial *737*7# from the line associated with your account with GTB
2. Type your NUBAN Account number
3. Type the last 6 digits of your ATM Card

4. The Token code will now be generated for you


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NB: Each time you generate a code, 20 Naira will be deducted from your account and each generated code is only valid for 60 seconds.

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9 thoughts on “GTBank Internet Banking now possible without Hardware Token”

  1. This is one thing i dislike about GTBank, i opened an acct. with Fidelity and the Mastercard was already profiled for online banking transactions, token was sent to me each time i want to complete a transaction on quickteller. Why is GTBank charging for ordinary token despite the fact that they would still charge us for receiving alerts at the end of the month.

  2. Sincerely speaking, you have just expressed my mind @ Olajide. Although, i have the hardware token but i see no reason why people should be charged to get a token just to authorize transactions on their accounts

  3. Well, i guess that's why the NO BANKING DAY should have been taken more seriously. Asides that, no bank is perfect, GTBank is still one of the few banks running zero account in Nigeria. We can only weigh the pros to the cons to decide on which to choose. That's just my own opinion

  4. It doesn't have to be so expensive and imagine the fact that each generated code will expire in 60 secs. Some people will definitely generate more than once for a transaction due to network problem. GTbank no fall my hand o

  5. It's like they don't charge you for the token immediately, it accumulates like GENS charges and you get the debit at the end of the month

  6. These days, GTBank sends me OTP whenever i try to make online transactions on quickteller and they don't charge me for it. Is that not the token thats being discussed here?

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