4 Ways to Activate GOTV For The First Time Without Assistance

How to activate Gotv for the first time shouldn’t be so difficult or require assistance of dealers or GOtv installer that will charge you just for coming to your house. Learn how to do the Gotv activation for New subscribers in this article, and save yourself the extra cash and time.


Gotv allows you to activate your decoder for the first time online and via text message. All of the options explained in this post works perfectly well, but we are in the internet age so I will focus on Activating Gotv online using the gotv eazy self service. Mind you, the gotv eazy self service is gotv’s exclusive portal for her customers to activate gotv decoders for the first time, clear errors, pay gotv subscription, check status of your subscription and so on.
After following the steps below; you will be able to view all the channels GOTV has got to offer, such as the indigenous Africa Magic Channels; Africa Magic (Epic, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa), news, Cartoons, sports, documentary and other exciting channels you have always loved to watch.

Method 1: How to Activate Gotv via the Gotv Eazy Self Service Online


After setting up your Gotv antenna, plug the cables at the appropriate ports on the decoder and TV respectively, then you should follow the steps highlighted below to activate Gotv decoder as a first time user;
  • Click “Activate New Account” button
  • While you carry out the steps above, make sure your decoder is turned ON so that the command can be received immediately.

This GOTV online activation method is the easiest and the most efficient. I strongly advise you use this method but if it doesn’t work for you, you can proceed with the second method

Method 2: How to Activate Gotv via SMS

To activate GoTv for the first time via SMS, send a message in the format below:
Send the above details (after replacing with your correct information) as a message to 4688
For example, “ACCEPT*2003029600*ADEPOJU BASIRA*08031234567*LAGOS*GOTVMAX#” TO 4688
  • IUC Number is the number on the red label below your decoder
  • Name is the name of the owner e.g Adepoju Basira
  • Phone number should be the number of the owner where you will be getting notifications on offers and other alerts on your GOtv subscription
  • Location should be your state or city e.g Lagos
  • GOTV Package is the bouquet you would like to start with e.g GOTVMAX

Method 3: Activate Gotv via Social Media

Gotv activation is also possible via their official social media accounts. This is also a very quick step to have your Gotv activated within few minutes. To activate your Gotv via this method, follow the steps below:
  • Logon to your facebook or Twitter account
  • search for “gotvng”
  • Send a DM with your request to activate your Gotv decoder; make sure you have all the details mentioned in the previous method handy.
  • After sending them a message wait for response from one of their Customer service agents.


Method 4: How to activate GOtv via Phone II

This is indeed the last but not the least method to activate Gotv decoder for the first time. It involves putting a call through to the GOtv customer care line.

To use this method, simply dial Multichoice hotline on 012703232 or try any of the multichoice toll free lines below:

9Mobile – 09090630333
Airtel – 07080630333
MTN – 08149860333
gLO – 08113630333

Make sure you dial the toll free lines using the correct network, otherwise you will be billed for the calls.

How do I know if my GOTV Activation Was Successful?

After you have completed the steps listed above, the next step is to verify if your GOTV activation was successful, It’s very easy to know if your activation was successful or not, to confirm if your Gotv activation was successful, do the following;
  1. Logon to eazy.gotvafrica.com
  2. Sign in with your surname and IUC number
  3. On the dashboard, Click the Activation Status tab.
  4. Enter your IUC Number
  5. Click the “Check Activation Status” Button, You should see “Activated” on the result page if you have done everything correctly.
If the status shows “Active”, Congratulations your decoder is activated and viewing should commence on your decoder within few seconds.
Kindly note that if your decoder does not display anything on your TV after waiting for few minutes, check your activation status again to know if the status is truly ACTIVATED (check the previous heading for that) OR follow any of the activation steps all over again carefully.

Were you able to activate GOTV decoder using the methods we have discussed in this post? Don’t hesitate to tell us via comments and also share this post to inform your friends and loved ones.

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  1. Hi i have this set GOTV for about 3 year now but any time I try to reset it I am always told that the surname is not match. My name are willing Adekunle Fagbohun. I want menu change to English thanks

  2. I am the first user and the office have told me since yesterday that they have activated it and it doesn’t work except one station


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