2 Easy Ways to clear E16 error on DSTV Kenya

E16 error on DSTV is usually related with a disconnection from the network either as a result of subscription issues or other account issues. In order to clear E16 error on DStv, kindly follow the instructions in this post and you will have the error cleared in no time.


By the way, this guide is for DSTV Kenya subscribers, If you are in Nigeria, and you want to clear DSTv E16 error, kindly see 3 Easy Ways to clear E16 error on DSTV Nigeria.


Clear E16 error on DSTV Kenya


How to Clear E16 error on DSTV Kenya via SMS

To clear E16 error on DStv Kenya via SMS, simply send SMS “reauth {Smart card Number} to 3788.

For example: reauth 1014110190 to 3788


  • 1014110190 should be replaced with your own smart card number and
  • 3788 is the recipient number.

After sending the SMS in the above format, you should wait for the e16 error to be cleared and viewing restored on your DStv in Kenya. This usually takes less than 10 minutes.

How to Clear E16 Error on DSTV Kenya Online


You can also clear E16 error on DSTV Kenya online, to do this follow the steps below:

  1. Logon to https://www.dstvafrica.com/en-ke/dashboard
  2. Fill in your Surname or mobile number and Smart card number to login
  3. Click “Fix”, select the error code you want to fix (in this case it is E16), then select Fix now

Viewing should be restored to your Decoder within few minutes.

Do you know any alternative way to clear E16 error on DSTV Kenya? Please tell us via comments.

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