How to clear the E-017 Error on GoTv

E-017 error has suddenly become popular on Gotv decoders of recent, I’m a living witness, although my experience may be a little bit different from yours.

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I paid my Gotv subscription via Quickteller before the expiry date for the then-current subscription on my decoder but to my greatest surprise, viewing was stopped on my decoder on the day my current subscription expired despite the payment that has been made.

It was during the public holiday so all effort to reach their Customer care was a dead end. I sent emails to Gotv customer care with a copy of the mail forwarded to quickteller, Quickteller support responded same day but my dear Gotv customer care might still be yet to receive all the emails because even the mail from quickteller to Gotv customer care is still yet to be attended to.

So, I decided to follow the 411 of that popular adage that says If the mountain fails to move to……. you know the rest. I paid Multichoice office a visit on the first working day after the public holiday and the problem was resolved finally. Here’s how to clear the E-017 error on your Gotv decoder.

How to clear the E-017 Error on GoTv


Clear E-017 error on your GOTv decoder

There are 2 methods to clear this error.

First Method: Clearing E-017 Error via SMS

Firstly, make sure your subscription is active i.e make sure you’ve made a successful subscription that has not expired then pick your phone to send the reactivation SMS in this format.

RESET IUC NUMBER as a message to 4688, for example, RESET 2003029600 to 4688 (where 2003029600 is your IUC Number)

NB: If you are using this method, I suggest you do it during the day (8 a.m – 7 p.m)

*The IUC NUMBER are those digits on the red label under the decoder, you need it for your GOTV payment

If you are planning to downgrade your GOTV subscription, it is very much easier to do now but that will be discussed in our next article.

Second Method: Clearing E-107 error via Phone Call

This method will require calling Gotv customer care. The Gotv Customer care line is 012703232. You may listen to the voice prompt but DON’T follow the voice prompt, the machine will forward your call automatically to one of their agents. 

Third Method – Clearing Gotv Error codes online

GoTv has launched an online platform to help customers clear Error codes. To access this service log-on to the Gotv clear error code page – (Just Tap the link!)

Enter your IUC number, select the error code you want to clear and input the captcha displayed followed by the “Clear Error Code button” to confirm your request.

If successful, viewing should be restored in few minutes.

One of these three methods will surely work for you.

I’ll be awaiting your feedback in the comment section regarding your experience with Gotv customer care or service. Your friends may be interested in this information too, share it via the social buttons. Thanks

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43 thoughts on “How to clear the E-017 Error on GoTv”

  1. Our stories are similar, was still thinking of going to their office at Ikeja but thanks for sharing this solution. My Gotv is back again, thanks

  2. hey, i found a way online and it worked instantly. just go to scroll down the page to the \”need help?' box, click on clear error code and fill in the needed details (IUC number). then select GotvE16 error and fill in the code show on above in the box and click clear error. It should work instantly as long as your decoded is on and preferably on african magic channel (epic or youruba). Good luck

  3. I experience the E-017 error everyday! Each time I put on my GOtv I get this error. It's very very very annoying. I use the sms option, sometimes I got a msg that the device number has been received and the stuff come up, sometimes I got a msg that that device number could not be cleared and I dont get to watch TV that day. I do this everytime (For months now), N10 eachtime! I dont want to imagine how much money I have spent on this junk. What can I do to put a permanent end to this? Waiting fo r your response. Thanks.

  4. Thanks my Gotv is back but how can i get a permanent solution to this problem cuz i know it may happen anytime soon

  5. Olotu,I am presently in d same dilemma with u..since december 2014,dis e17 error message comes up every time on my screen up till now. I do reset more than 8 times a day or every time I put on the decoder or nepa take light and bring back. I am so tired and I don't know what to do. Let me not even think of the 10 naira deducted frm my crdit since then and if I do it in d night,they will tell me that error cannot be cleared. I paid for 6months subscription and its still running till april. If not,I would have bought a new decoder since it seems this one is faulty. Pls does anyone know what I can do to stop this wahala?

  6. owoeye olumide hi, my decoder has not been show some channels like super sport 2 ,african magic2,17,also channel 3. iuc number 4601861066

  7. please,some channels in my decoder has been always saying invalid channel,like 2,3,10,17,25,31, &32 .iuc number 4601861066


  9. Pls do something about this E 7.we are not enjoying the Gotv at all.half of my channels are not showing for the past 4weeks now.pls what do I do,

  10. the new gotv i bought is really giving me headache, i cant view other channels except the gotv channel 1 and lagos tv and my free subscription is still active

  11. None worked for me!!! The call is not free my credit finished on call while i was waiting for a customer care representative to answer me about #300! How much do i have to load to call this people now enh after paying for subscription? So sad.

  12. This is a huge scam,multi choice should address this issue of E17,I have been cut off since yesterday. I have sent them the usual reset and IUC number to 4688 more than 20times ..up til this morning,its still same storry.i have even tried to clear it on line,I was directed to call a particular number.which I did.only to fall the voice instructions,at the end nothing happened,the E17 is still showing and my airtime is exhausted.was hoping to catch up on Telemundo this morning before going to can one pay for services and at the end won't enjoy it yet instead of fixing the problems your customers are complaining of,you device another means of extorting 10,10naira per text yet at the end the E17 still shows.this is so you guys removed BET2…pls look into this matter

  13. Please i got it yesterday,n i have been trying to get it to work but its been showing, This decorder is not enabled for this channel,contact the Gotv call centre for assistance


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