How To identify applications that are draining battery on your Android Phone

Some applications alter the battery life of android phones upon usage, basically batteries drain with the use of the various applications we tend to use on our smartphone devices but some applications are just experts in draining Android phone batteries. This post will enable you identify those
applications then my next post will be the concluding part of this topic. Let’s continue

Identifying the Applications

To identify those applications that are draining your battery, you will need to download Battery Doctor from Google Play Store. After successful download, LAUNCH the application. From the Home screen of the application, click “Rank” at the bottom right of the screen. Now you’d see a list containing the applications draining your Android phone’s battery starting with the largest consumers.
Below is a screen shot of what i have on my Android phone.

How To identify applications that are draining battery on your Android Phone

                           Click Here To Download Battery Doctor from Google Play

Since you are now aware of those applications consuming most of your battery charge, my next post will put you through the 2 easy ways of controlling these apps and prolonging battery life on your Android phone.

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