How to make money on Bitcoin

There are very few trusted means of making money from Bitcoin but this post will show you one of the trusted means to make cool money from your Bitcoin wallet using a very simple online platform. I will first of all explain to you how it works then share with you how i intend to help interested people.

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, It can be used for online transactions between individuals. 


What is Zarfund?

ZARFUND is an investment program done using Bitcoins. It is a community of like minded people where members pay a monthly subscription to have access to different kinds of digital media and services on the ZarFund Platform.  

You can make as much as $89,689.60 (128 BTC) every month on Zarfund if you are serious minded.


  • Blockchain Wallet
  • 0.03 Bitcoins or $22
  • Zarfund Account

How do i make money from Zarfund?

Here’s how it goes, Open a blockchain wallet account, fund it with $22 or 0.03 Bitcoins then invest the 0.03 Bitcoins or 22 USD and look for two friends that are willing to invest too. 

Every new member needs to refer 2 other business minded people to start making money, as they do this, everyone on the team including the new member goes higher and earn more every month as they move from one level to another up to level 6. The table below shows the profit you will get at each level.

Level 1
0.01Btc / 6.95 USD
Level 2
0.1BTC / 70.07 USD
Level 3
0.6 BTC / 420.42 USD
Level 4
2.2 BTC / 1541.54 USD
Level 5
30 BTC / 21021 USD
Level 6
128 BTC / 89689.60 USD

The Profit table is indeed very inviting and getting to the top means everyone in your team gets their two business-minded referrals too, it’s a Win-Win situation.

Team work is the major key and that’s why you should join my team. Joining my team means i will be providing you with all the necessary infos you need to succeed on the platform and also ensure you get referrals so you can move to the next level.

Remember its a WIN-WIN situation, when you get your two referrals, you and i enjoy the benefits you move higher and we earn more profits.

How to Join my Team on Zarfund    

I would like interested people to first of all, fund their blockchain account with $22 or 0.03 BTC then register on Zarfund ( referral link ). 

You can contact me on Whatsapp on 08138861071 (Serious People Only)  so i can add you to my Whatsapp group (that’s on request though).

If you don’t know how or where to fund a Blockchain account and you are interested, you can still contact me on Whatsapp to help with that.

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