How to reduce data consumption on your windows PC / Laptop

Few weeks ago, a friend of mine called me to complain about his PC consuming a lot of MB after viewing few pages on his browser, i decided to do a little research into what could be sapping data underground and fortunately, i was able to come up with this tutorial on how to control data consumption on your PC.

Firstly, you need to understand that turning off windows update is not enough to reduce data consumption as several other apps on your PC could still have auto-update features programmed to start using the internet immediately certain actions are initiated. The following steps would guide  you through the process involved in taking full control of data usage on your PC. Enjoy

Step 1: Launch task manager (Right click on Taskbar – at the bottom of the screen – select “start task Manager)


Step 2: Click Services

Step 3:  Select background intelligence Transfer service ( see screenshot below)

Step 4: Click Stop towards the top left corner as seen in the screenshot below

Step 5: Exit

NOTE: Make sure you do this whenever you are to use the internet on your PC but in case you wish to make this a permanent action check the BONUS tip below but keep in mind that it is cool to update your applications in order to keep your PC secured and less vulnerable. 

BONUS TIP: Instead of clicking stop, right click on the Background Intelligence Transfer Service >> Properties >> Change startup type to Manual

I hope this was helpful, your questions and other comments as regards this post are highly welcomed. Kindly take few minutes to share this post as well.

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