How to Resolve CAC query Pay for Branch Address and upload receipt easily

One of the popular queries you might get during your Business name registration process is the “Pay for Branch address and upload receipt” query. However, this post will guide you on how to resolve CAC query, “Pay for branch address and upload receipt” without stress and get you business name approved in no time.


This query is sent when you have indicated that your business has a branch but you are yet to make payment and upload the receipt for the filing. This post will show you the steps in paying for the branch address and uploading the receipt as requested. To resolve other CAC queries, you can also check out my previous article, How to resolve CAC Queries and get your business name approved.

Resolve CAC Query Pay for Branch address and Upload receipt


  • Step 1: Pay CAC on Remita

  1. For Service name, select MISCELLANEOUS as seen in the image above.
  2. At the description field, give the details of the payment e.g Payment for branch address  then fill the amount and other necessary information in the remaining part of the form.
  3. Proceed to make payment, you can pay via bank or with your ATM online.
  • STEP 2: Print out the receipt and take it to the nearest CAC office

After printing out the receipt, you need to take it to the nearest CAC office for stamp and signature.

  • STEP 3: Upload the stamped receipt

After completing step 2 above, you need to upload the stamped receipt on the doc upload page of the CAC portal here, and ensure you enter your Availability code first. If you are new to the system , you can see my Step-by-step guide on How to register a Business name in Nigeria online

Although, some people have suggested that it is not really necessary to take the print out to the CAC office for stamping, but to be at a safer side, just do it!.
With this post, I believe you have been able to deal with the CAC query “Pay for branch address and upload receipt”, let me know your feedback via comments. And don’t forget to subscribe to our Updates for more tips via the link here Subscribe to Inforisticblog by Email (Tap link!) or Connect with Inforisticblog on Facebook/ Twitter.
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