How to Stop your Email from being tracked

Do you want to to stop your Email from being tracked?


Many of those marketing emails you receive daily does not only tell you about a product or service, many of them carry out a little background check or tracking on you such as whether or not you opened the email, your location while reading the email, and maybe your kind of device. This is made possible by some tracking codes which had been sent together with the email you received.


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How Do I get Tracked via Email?


Basically, a tracking pixel is usually embedded in the message. This pixel is usually but not always hidden within the image or links in the email. Immediately you open the email, the embedded code automatically sends the required info the company’s email server.

In recent times, tech giants like Google had made some attempts to reduce the quantity of information that can be transmitted via email received. For example some browser extensions such as Pixelblock, Ugly Email, and Block Email Trackers have been developed to help block email trackers on Mozilla Firefox and chrome browsers.


Google has also adopted the use of its own proxy servers to hide your location from many of these tracking applications. However, if you do not want to use any of these extensions because of the security reasons that may be attached, the alternative, but not 100% efficient way to block email trackers is to stop your email from loading images automatically by default.

This method is still very effective in preventing your email from being tracked without the use of extensions.

Although, this method might not block all the trackers from submitting information about you to the sender, it will still do a good job in helping you to avoid the activities of many of them.

Steps to Prevent your Emails from being Tracked

1. Turn off Image Auto loading in Gmail

Follow the steps below to stop your email from being tracked in Gmail

Total Time: 2 minutes

Logon to your Gmail account

Login to your Gmail account on your desktop or mobile device

Click on the Gear icon to access settings


Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and click on “see all settings”

Go to the General Tab and scroll down to “images”

how-to-block-email trackers-in-gmail-step3

In the “General” tab, scroll down to “images” and select “Ask before displaying external images”

Save changes

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save changes”

Kindly note that following the steps above will also turn off Gmail’s dynamic email feature, which make emails much more interactive.


2. Turn off Image Auto loading in Microsoft Outlook (Office 365)

Follow the steps below to stop your email from being tracked in Microsoft outlook:

  • Logon to your Outlook account
  • Click “File” and select “options”.
  • Click on the “Trust center settings” button
  • Check the boxes labelled “Don’t download pictures automatically in standard HTML messages RSS items” and “Don’t download pictures in encrypted or signed HTML email messages.
  • You can also uncheck/check other boxes based on your preference.

3. Turn of Auto loading of Images in Apple Mail

Follow the steps below to stop Email from being tracked in Apple Mail

  • Open your Apple mail
  • Tap “Mail” and select “Preferences”
  • Click “viewing” tab
  • Uncheck “load remote content in messages”

4. Turn off Image Auto loading in Android Gmail

Follow the steps below to stop your email from being tracked in Android Gmail:

  • Tap the 3 stacked icon at the top left corner
  • Scroll down to select “settings”
  • Tap the Gmail account you want to configure
  • Scroll down to images
  • Select “Ask before displaying external images”

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