How Your Print Shop Can Acquire More Leads

Print shops are the businesses of the future. With the cost of starting one going lower and lower, many shops are popping up and causing a large unbalance in demand versus supply. Proving yourself amongst leads and customers, and gaining business, is a race to the bottom in some cases. Don’t drop your prices to a scary low when there are plenty of ways to pull in new business. Here are the top ways to acquire more leads for your company.


Work With Artists


Although your target audience may be artists, it’s a good idea to work directly with some to help gain traffic. Graphic and gorgeous art can help show off your prints’ quality and may glean you some advertising if their social media accounts are large enough. Avoid doing promotional art with anyone with less than ten thousand followers on any one platform. Twitter and Instagram only offer a one percent return on most media, so investing your time and energy to promote if they only have an audience of five thousand may not be worth it.

Never print anything that you don’t own the copyright to or that you don’t have explicit permission to publish. Artist communities have been coming out in droves to take down any companies that ‘steal’ images to print advertisements.

Send Free Samples

It’s time to fire up your print shop software and send out free samples to businesses in your area. Although this may be an initial upfront cost, that doesn’t mean you can’t work to gain that back. Most large companies like to have custom shirts, postcards, and other printed goods with their logos on them to give out. You can help them gain leads by doing business with them. Make it clear what your interests are worth, and offer them bulk discounts to feel like they’re saving money and encouraging them to purchase more. Be on time, do your best work every time, and you’ll be able to keep them as a client.

Get Good Reviews

People want to know what quality your fabrics, paper, and ink are. They’ll want to find out if they can wash custom shirts and how long a sticker you printed will stay vivid on a car window. You should offer this information yourself but also inspire your current customers to leave reviews. To build up your review repertoire, offer a 10% discount on future orders to anyone who types up a review on any current or past order. This plan will give them something to be happy about and push them to buy from you again in the future.

No company is perfect, so that a bad review may pop up from time to time. Take everything they say at face value, and respond respectfully and thoroughly. Offer to solve the problem if it’s reasonable.

Good reviews pull in new leads faster than anything else, so don’t fear asking for your customers to leave a word or two on your company’s website.

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