Mozilla Firefox is taking too long to start-up on PC? Fix it Here

After installing several updates of Mozilla firefox on my PC, I’ve now discovered that it takes a little longer than usual for the application to load after launching the app (i.e clicking the icon). I was able to get a solution to this problem some weeks ago, so here’s how to fix the abnormal loading time of
your Mozilla firefox on PC.

How to fix the long loading time of Mozilla firefox on PC


STEP 1: Launch the application, select Tools at the top of the screen, choose Options in the drop down menu and select advanced in the pop-up window.


STEP 2: Under the General tab on the screen, search for “Use hardware acceleration when available” and unselect the radio button.



After completing the steps above, close the browser and re-launch it, your browser should start loading faster now.

I hope this was helpful, your questions and observations are highly welcomed.

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6 thoughts on “Mozilla Firefox is taking too long to start-up on PC? Fix it Here”

  1. Thanks for the help, I've been thinking of getting an anti-virus to help me scan my PC if it was Antivirus disturbing my Mozilla Firefox. I would like to know how to reduce the frequent crashes too. Thanks.

  2. I would also suggest that you check for Version Updates first.The screenshots / menu looks like you're using a very old version of Firefox (20, 25). Latest version available is 36.03 which has lots of improvements added to fix issues reported.Useful post tho


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