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How to use the Auto-Kill feature of the Clean Master Application on Android

In my previous posts, I’ve talked about Identifying applications that are draining the battery on your Android phone as well as The 2 Easy ways of killing unused applications to prolong battery life . In the last post, i recommended Clean Master on Google Play and a couple of readers have been sending messages about how to use the Auto-kill feature of that recommended application - CM . so I want to  quickly take you through the 3 easy steps to switch on the Auto-kill feature of the clean Master application on Android.    

Android Phones: 2 Easy ways of Killing Unused Apps to prolong battery life

Some Android users do complain about their phone batteries draining fast and most times it is due to their inability to control the applications running on their Android device . To effectively manage and prolong your battery life , killing unused applications is inevitable. Therefore, i would be using this

How To identify applications that are draining battery on your Android Phone

Some applications alter the battery life of android phones upon usage, basically batteries drain with the use of the various applications we tend to use on our smartphone devices but some applications are just experts in draining Android phone batteries. This post will enable you identify those