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Latest Firefox comes with Better Extensions, Enterprise IT Controls and Viewing mode

Mozilla Firefox has made it easier for users to select the best Firefox add-ons from a pool of extensions you would usually have to browse through on the browser. 

Google's Chrome browser for iPhones gets its much requested Feature

Google’s Chrome browser is finally getting one of it’s most anticipated feature for its iPhone users. This latest version of Chrome for iPhones comes with a built-in QR code scanner and here’s all you need to know about it.

Download Microsoft Internet explorer 11 for Windows 7

Microsoft Internet explorer 11 is the native browser of computers running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Before now, people despise the Internet explorer browser based on the fact that it lacks some features that could be found on other popular browsers like chrome, opera and mozilla  but the game changed for good after the launch of the Microsoft internet explorer 11.

How to find Microsoft Internet explorer in Windows 10

If you are new to Windows 10, it's possible you might not know that the native Microsoft  Internet explorer  still exists, and just in case you still wish to have your internet explorer back on game, this post will guide you on how to find the Windows 10 internet explorer anytime.

Mozilla Firefox is taking too long to start-up on PC? Fix it Here

After installing several updates of Mozilla firefox on my PC, I've now discovered that it takes a little longer than usual for the application to load after launching the app (i.e clicking the icon). I was able to get a solution to this problem some weeks ago, so here's how to fix the abnormal loading time of