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How to Change Dstv Package Online

Are you trying to upgrade your DSTV package or you want to change from existing bouquet to an higher or lower one? This post has got you covered, you will be able to downgrade or upgrade your DSTV package without stress when you follow this simple guide.

Clear All Gotv and Dstv error codes with this short code

Many months ago, I wrote about How To Clear E-017 error on Gotv , the two methods highlighted in the post helped a great deal; based on the feedback from readers.

3 Easy ways to Clear DSTV E16 error in Nigeria

E16 error is a common error on DSTV which usually shows as a result of expired subscription but sometimes it shows despite active subscription. In the case of an active subscription, here's how to clear the E16 error and  restore viewing on your DSTV decoder.


Imagine a situation where you have an interesting show to watch on Soundcity and every member of your house wants to watch the usual Africa Magic. Perhaps, you don't want people changing the dstv channel here and there with the remote control. Here's a little trick i use and it really works for me because it will make them drop the remote control with disappointment after pressing several times and the channel fails to change. NB: This trick will make your decoder unable to receive commands from the remote control until you return it to it's default mode.

Quickteller - Pay for your Dstv through your mobile phone anytime

Quickteller offers a lot of online processing services that tends to make payment of cash go into extinction as fast as it could. The good news is that you can also use their service to pay for your dstv subscription within  seconds and it's fast, secure and reliable all from the comfort of wherever you