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Theory of Psychosocial Development comprehension

Intimacy vs isolation is the sixth stage of Erik Erikson's theory of psychosocial development. This phase takes place during young adulthood between the ages of about 19 and 40. During this period, the centers of major conflict to form intimate, loving relationships with others. Success at this stage leads to a satisfying relationship. Failure, on the other hand, can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Is traditional counselling better than phone counseling?

Since phone therapy became popular, many people have been wondering if the traditional in-person therapy is more effective than the telephone therapy. Considering the various issues happening in the world right now, I took some time to evaluate both methods and discovered that the strategies and approach is the same, and the telephone method even offers some other benefits that makes it even more unique.

3 Reasons Why You should Consider Phone Therapy

Telephone therapy , also known as telephone counseling or phone therapy, involves talking to a therapist over the phone or Skype to resolve the issue of mental health, beliefs, feelings and other problems of life.

How to Write an Insightful Research Paper?

Are you staring at the screen of the computer having no idea how to start your research paper? Every student is familiar with such a situation. It is due to the fact that research paper writing is a challenging assignment, which makes the largest part of the course grade. 

How to send a fax online?

Google products, such as Google Drive, Gmail, Google Voice number support online faxing. Remember, you will need a third-party online fax service for faxing. Numerous service providers are available in the market, but you can’t trust anyone because you have to send your confidential documents.

Advantages of Cross-Platform Development with React Native

As the time is passing the trends in the mobile application development industry are also changing. Earlier the native platform applications were popular but now is the trend of cross-platform app development.

Best Whatsapp Hacker Apps (2020)

Millions of people use Whatsapp. According to statistics, they say that billions of messages are transacted every day. Meaning, millions of people from different parts of the world depend on it for sending messages, images, short video clips, and documents.

How to Keep a Schedule and Use Self Care When Working From Home

Working from home is working When you have a remote job, you might refer to it as “working from home.” Remote jobs are just that; jobs.

3 Best Facebook Messenger Hacking Apps in 2020

It’s the end of a crazy decade! In the past 10 years, trends changed, technology advanced and climate changes got real. Yahoo got replaced with Gmail and Facebook with Instagram. But some things never change. Facebook was and still one of the biggest social platforms!

Zosearch Review: A Really Free Reverse Phone Lookup

Every time you receive a call from an unknown number, many thoughts run through your mind. You begin to wonder who is calling you and the reason why.

How Can I Do Text Message Hack Using Spyic?

Alright. So, you want to hack text messages. Why? Do you want to see what your colleague is saying on the other end? Is it the kids using them too much to communicate silently? Whatever the reason is, we will help you with that.

How to Define SIP Channels for Your Customers

We've come a long way from the very first phone lines constructed during the 19th century .  The change was inevitable.

The simple handicap method for finding value

Though no sports team is guaranteed a winning before the match commences, some teams have always been considered to be the favourites by punters, bookmakers, oddsmakers and all other interested parties due to the quality of athletes at their disposal, their teamwork (if it's a team sport), recent winning records, home records, and other similar variables that counts in their favour.

Energy on the Go: 6 Benefits of Portable Solar Powered Generators

You know it's always a good idea to have a generator at home. However, you're put off by the size, the cost, and the level of maintenance that today's gas-powered generators usually require. You're looking for a better — not to mention, more portable — option. 

4 Key Tips for Hiring a Professional Commercial Cleaning Service

Did you know the average office desk has 400 times more germs than a toilet seat? 

A List of Cleaning Products Any Cleaning Company Should Have

There were 2.3 million cleaning and janitorial jobs as of 2016. The sector has an anticipated growth of 10 percent by 2026. This presents an amazing opportunity for prospective entrepreneurs. Cleaning services require little or no skilled labor.

The Top Types of Advertising Your Business Needs

Advertising is a tough business.  Connecting with your customers in the right medium with the right message is never easy.

What is a Bad Faith Auto Insurance Claim?

If your auto insurance provider denies your auto accident claim, there’s a chance that you could receive more compensation than what you were initially asking from in your insurance claim.

Do You Want to Buy A Drone? Then These Tips Will Help You

Do you want a drone and do not know about them? Then this article can help you buy the drone for your needs. Moreover, we have the list of  the best drones under $200 .

3 Important Events to Watch Out for this November

November is the 11th month of the year, it marks the beginning of Winter in the Northern hemisphere and dry (harmattan) season along the equator.