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33 Best Sites to download Hollywood and Bollywood movies Free

Hollywood movies, as well as Bollywood movies, can be downloaded online for free if you do not want to go to the movies or don't have enough cash to download movies from licensed sites. 

5 Best Apps to download Nollywood Movies

Over the years, Nollywood has continued to grow as an industry that is projecting the rich cultures, lifestyle and traditions of the various tribes in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. This has also resulted in a robust fan base for Nigerian movies.

Download Tinder Apk for Blackberry and Android Phones

Downloading the Tinder dating application for use on your Android or Blackberry 10 phones can be a little bit of drag sometimes. But nevertheless, here's how you can download the APK to your Blackberry 10 or Android phones to enjoy all that Tinder has got to offer.

How to Download Bible in any language to Your Mobile Device Free

Many months ago i shared a post about where you can download Yoruba bible to all kinds of phones ( Download Yoruba bible to your Mobile Phone )  but unfortunately, the site has been under maintenance for a while so i decided to share with you today, another means of downloading not only Yoruba bible but

Download Ookla Speed test to know the internet speed on your Android device

Sometimes, it's just cool to know the internet speed of your network provider at a particular location in order to determine the best network to subscribe to. And if you are about to make a download of big files, it is highly recommended you know the download and upload speed of your current network to

Get full Details of Unknown songs with Shazam Mobile Application

If you have always wanted to get quick and detailed information about a song you just bump into on radio, TV or a public space and asking from people around hasn't been too productive then, Shazam is your best option. 

Top 5+ Sites To Download Latest Nollywood Movies on your Phone 2019

Nollywood movies have really grown over the years; enjoying air-plays in different parts of Africa and all around the globe. Although, much still needs to be done especially in the Yoruba movies section with alarming grammatical errors in their subtitles, but all the same, it's still entertaining despite the odds.

Download Avast! and Win CASH This Season: See How

One of world's popular Antivirus and online security provider for PC and mobile devices, Avast! is giving out cash prices this season to reward users that can get as much friends as possible to download the Avast Free Antivirus software to their devices. Read on for the full details. download Amplified bible and other bible versions to Nokia and other Mobile phones is a dedicated website with various bible versions to download to your mobile phones. Mobile phones that support .jad/.jar applications can also download from this site. If you are the type of person that loves to read your bible  on the go and also have access to different versions of the bible right from your mobile device, then I  recommend

MP3TUBE: Download, Convert Youtube videos to mp3 on Windows Phone

To create a custom ringtone on your windows phone 8 - 7.5 requires downloading the song of your choice {that is less than 1MB and not more than 45seconds} with an application that supports the process such as “Freemusic Downloader”, “easyRing & Music” and so many others.

Download PingMe Messenger and Socialize with your friends on Blackberry, Windows phones, Androids and other iOS Phones

PingMe messenger is a social Application that works on Windows Phones , IOS ( like iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 /4S/3GS),  Kindle fire, Android and Blackberry devices. PingMe messenger is a cool application that you can trust to help you socialise, share

How To Download Youtube videos on Windows Phone Fast

Windows Phone 7.5 does not allow direct download of videos or music from the default browser (internet explorer) except through third party applications like UCBrowser , Ultimate music downloader e.t.c

Photomerge App for Windows Phone7: Merge multiple pictures into a single one

Photomerge application is a windows phone 7 application that allows you merge 2 or 3 pictures together as a single one to share with your friends just like the Picstory Application for BlackBerry. The photomerge Application is

How to easily create Themes for your Mobile Phone for Free

Are you also tired of downloading other people's themes.... What about making your own mobile theme by yourself and putting all your favorite pictures to personalize it:).

TANGO: Make free Local and International calls on your phone

Tango is an application that gives you the exclusive ability to make free phone and video calls not only on your PC but also on your mobile devices i.e Tango allows you to make free phone calls to any other person who has Tango installed on their smartphone, tablet or PC all over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi network.