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How to Send and Receive Fax from Google Drive, Google Docs and Gmail?

Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs are free virtual services. You can use these services to manage your faxes. To manage faxing with these programs, you will need a third-party online service. It will help you to share your documents digitally. See these tricks to send and receive fax from Google Drive, Gmail and Google Docs.

Top 3 Email Tracking Softwares for Your Business

Thousands of emails are sent on a daily basis even though instant messaging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Skype have taken over the communication sphere. In fact, recent research shows that there are no

How to use Gmail labels and filters to organize your Gmail inbox

In order to have a tidy inbox with easy access to mails from selected senders all at once, the labels and filters on Gmail needs to be put into use. Correct usage of the labels and filters on Gmail will help you to automatically sort emails from a particular sender with just a click. In addition to this,

How to Undo sent messages in Gmail

You may mistakenly hit the send button while composing an Email and wish you could just undo the action, It used to be impossible until Gmail introduced the "Undo Send" feature. You might have heard of this feature in the past or wondering if it's possible or not, all the same, this post will guide

Forgot to logout your Gmail? Just Logout remotely- see How

Sometimes we sign into Gmail from a public PC and forget to sign out, an alternative way to avoid unauthorized activity on your Gmail account without changing password is to sign out remotely from another device.

10 Gmail Keyboard shortcuts and how to use them

Gmail can become more interesting and easily accessible with the use of shortcuts. There are several shortcuts that can be used to get things done quickly on Gmail but in this post i will be sharing 10 from the list. You may add yours in the comment section to make your contribution to this list. 

Change the background image of your Gmail inbox to your own Picture (TUTORIAL)

There's more you could do with your gmail than receiving and sending messages, although these are the primary reasons for having an email account like Gmail. But all the same, customizing your gmail account is also a great idea that is meant to give that unique look to your inbox.  These tutorial will help you change the background picture of your Gmail inbox and also guide you through the process

How To prevent Google from recording your search activities and clear your search history

Google take records of everything you've ever searched for on and when you are logged in to any of the google products such as Gmail , blogger, youtube and so on, the data collection becomes even more personal.

How I Send Free SMS From My Gmail Account To Mobile Phones

Gmail is one of the products of Google and when it comes to free and easy to manage mail with a lot of space, Gmail is definitely the best. Gmail allows you to login easily on your mobile, PCs and other internet devices without hassles unlike the yahoo mail that could give so much trouble while trying to login from your mobile phone.