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How To Activate GOTV For The First Time Without Assistance

How to activate Gotv for the first time shouldn't be so difficult or require assistance of dealers. Learn how to do the Gotv activation for New subscribers in this article, and save yourself the extra cash and time.

BBNaija not showing on your GOTV? Here's what to Do

Is BBNaija not showing on your GOTV decoder? or perhaps your subscription expired and your favorite Big Brother Naija stopped showing after renewing your GOTV subscription. Well, here is the solution.

How to Downgrade GOTV Subscription

If you are looking for a simple way to downgrade your GOTV subscription from GOTV MAX to GOTv Plus or switch over to streaming services accessible globally like Netflix as well as other lower GOTv subscription plans, this post will guide you in doing it with ease.

Clear All Gotv and Dstv error codes with this short code

Many months ago, I wrote about How To Clear E-017 error on Gotv , the two methods highlighted in the post helped a great deal; based on the feedback from readers.

How to clear the E-017 Error on GoTv

E-017 error has suddenly become popular on Gotv decoders of recent, I'm a living witness, although my experience may be a little bit different from yours.