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Buy Top up Worldwide on MobileRecharge App, enjoy no fees on World Top Up Day this November

Are you an Expat in Africa or you are a traveller in a foreign country? MobileRecharge app is there to fulfil your top-up and data refill needs, see more details as you read on.

Airtel Plans that give Free MB

Airtel offers her subscribers various data offers and bonus that could rival what other networks have got to deliver. This article covers all the Airtel plans that give free MB - Megabyte.

Full list of Glo BB10 Data Plans and subscription codes

Glo BB10 data plans provides Blackberry phones running OS 10 to enjoy very affordable internet service packages. With as little as 100 Naira, you can be sure of getting online. See the full list and subscription code as you read on.

Get MTN 7GB data for 2000 Naira

MTN just toughened the current data competition in Nigeria telecoms sector with its newly launched 7GB data offer for 2000 Naira that is valid for 30 days. This offer is 1GB more than that of Glo's 2000 Naira plan which offers 6GB. 

Latest Glo Data Plans 2018 - Full List and Subscription Codes

The price of Glo data plans has crashed further as competition between service providers wax stronger. Imagine getting 10 GB data for 2,500 Naira and 100MB for 100 Naira; Awesome isn't it? See the full list of the Glo data plans and their respective subscription codes that was just launched this week.

Glo's Weekend and Night Data Plans Subscription Codes

Do you know that you can get 3GB data to use for a whole weekend for just 500 Naira? or have a whooping 1GB data to rock every night (12 a.m to 5a.m) for just 200 Naira. Well, Glo Nigeria has made it possible for her subscribers with the launch of the Weekend and Night plans - see subscription codes below;

Subscription Code of the Etisalat 1.5GB Data for 1000 NGN

The 1000 Naira data plan from Etisalat that formally offers 1GB data value has now been modified to give 1.5GB data instead.

Smile 4G LTE Network: Where you can Enjoy the coverage in Nigeria

Smile broadband network is a fast rising provider of super fast 4G LTE coverage for your devices and other Internet-enabled device at very competitive prices. Although, the smile network is yet to extend to the nook and cranny of the country, i have decided to compile the list of cities where you can enjoy the super-fast smile network in Nigeria.

Smile 4G LTE Data Subscription Plans in Nigeria

Smile Network is one of the providers of super fast broadband service in Nigeria. Its coverage is gradually spreading across the nation and so far so good, the quality has been sustained from its inception till now. If you are looking for quality broadband service, Smile is a very good option that you can give it a try, check out the various smile data bundles you can choose below.

How to stop Auto-renewal of your Glo Data Bundle

Glo data auto-renewal feature enables automatic re-subscription of your current data plan upon expiration provided you have enough credit to complete the transaction.

Introducing MTN Daily Unlimited Browsing Data Plan for 150 Naira

MTN Nigeria has just launched a data plan to rival the Unlimited data plan of Airtel, it is called MTN Unlimited browsing daily data plan. This daily Unlimited data plan costs 150 Naira daily and it is available to few MTN lines, to know if your line is eligible or make the subscription on your line read on.

Get 1GB data for 1000 Naira on Glo Network

Glo has joined the league of service providers offering more data for less with the introduction of the Glo 1.5GB 2GB Data plan for just 1000 NGN. This is not a promo offer so be rest assured that we will be rocking it for a very long time just like the Glo 4.5GB 10GB data plan that goes for 2500 NGN.

MTN Blackberry 10 plans and subscription codes

This article contains all the Blackberry 10 plans for BB10 users on the MTN Nigeria network and their subscription codes. MTN has daily, weekly and monthly plans for subscribers in this category. See the full list and the

Airtel Blackberry Unlimited, Absolute and Complete plans for BB10

This post contains all the Airtel Blackberry plans for BB10 users on the Airtel Network in Nigeria. You will find all the various airtel blackberry plans for BB10 users which includes Airtel blackberry Monthly, weekly and daily plans. See the full details of the subscription codes and price list below.

Get 6GB Data for 3000 Naira on Glo Network

Lately, Globacom Nigeria has been offering her customers more data value for less, the latest one is the 6GB data plan that goes for just 3,000 naira and it is valid for 30 days. See subscription code for the Glo 6GB plan as you read on.

Glo Now Offers 1.2 GB Data for 1000 Naira: See Code

Immediately the News about the Airtel 1GB data for 100 Naira  broke out some weeks ago, i already knew that other Telecommunication service providers will respond with reduced costs in data. Well, Globacom is the first to make this move with the launching of 1.5 GB of data for 1000 Naira. 

Airtel 1GB Data for 100 Naira Every Weekend: Subscription Code

Airtel Nigeria has launched a Weekend internet data plan that offers a whooping 1GB data for just 100 Naira and it is valid for usage within Friday to Sunday Night. I will share an interesting tip with you as you read on.

How To Check Etisalat Android Data Plan Balance

This post is a follow-up to one of my previous posts:  Subscription Codes For The Etisalat Android Data Plan . This time around,   I want to quickly share with you the code for checking your Etisalat Android Data Plan Balance otherwise referred to as Remaining MB - Mega-Byte since a lot of people have been asking about it in the past few days. Etisalat Logo Etisalat Android Data Plan Balance To check the remaining MB on your Etisalat Android Data Plan, simply dial *200*3*2# from your Etisalat line.  I hope this was helpful, For contributions or questions about this post, put it in the comment box and I'll respond as soon as time permits. Cheers!    The Post How To Check tisalatAndroid Data Plan Balance appeared first on

Codes for the New Airtel UnlimiNET Data Packages

The Airtel UnlimiNET data package offers more than just internet data to Airtel customers. The Plan includes free talk time and SMS all at an affordable price. With as little as 200 Naira, you can get 10 MB of data, 3 minutes of voice call and 3 SMS. See full list of the Airtel UnlimiNET packages and  their subscription codes below.

Subscription codes for the Etisalat Android bundles -1GB and 2GB

Etisalat has gotten some interesting data bundles for Android devices. Each of these bundles gives you access to the internet for 30 days and it is very affordable. The subscription or activation codes for the 1GB and 2GB plans can  be found below.