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Number Prefix of all Nigeria Network Providers

Glo/ Airtel Numbers starts with? As the customer base of Nigerian Telecommunication companies continue to increase, the number prefix used by individual networks has continued to increase as well.

3 Important Events to Watch Out for this November

November is the 11th month of the year, it marks the beginning of Winter in the Northern hemisphere and dry (harmattan) season along the equator.

Getting Your Tech Business To Boom In Modern Nigeria

For budding entrepreneurs, riding the technology wave is as worthwhile as ever, with statistics by Oxford Business Group detailing how Nigeria's ICT sector is 10% of GDP  with a rise in contributions to GDP of 34% every year.

GSMA condemns Nigeria's 9% tax on Communication

Nigeria’s proposed 9% Communications Service Tax Bill has been condemned by the Global System Mobile Association (GSMA), a global association of mobile operators. It stated that the proposed law would adversely impact on the digital development of Nigeria.

How to Know if your National Identity Card is ready for Collection

You can now check the status of your National Identity Card NIMC through your phone or any internet-enabled device. If you have participated in the National Identity Card registration exercise and wish to know if your Card is ready for pick up, this post will guide you on how to verify if your card is ready for pick up or not.

How Do I Know The ZIP Code of My Place in Nigeria?

ZIP code also known as postal code is used when mailing a letter. Some online registration forms such as Google Adsense, ClickBank, dating sites and several other sites on the internet may require you to fill in your Postal codes, and this is where most internet users in Nigeria come to the point where they seek an earnest reply to the question; "What is the ZIP Code of My Place in Nigeria"? Well, the answer is here, read on.