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How to remove Watermark from Videos on your Android Phone

You can remove watermark from videos right there on your Android phone with just few taps on your screen, you can also add your desired watermark to videos on your Android phone without any hassles. This post will guide you on how to add or remove watermarks on videos via your Android device.

How to secretly listen to someone’s phone surroundings

An ambient recording app could be a vital means to get hold of the truth. You could listen to the surroundings of a phone via this amazing feature. With a remote command, you can turn on the microphone of a device, and begin recording the surroundings.

Best 4G Phones of 2019: Price and Features

4G Phones are known for their capability to handle higher internet speed bands. There are so many 4G phones in the phone market today but it is always good to go for the best 4G phones that will not only do the tasks but also do it for longer. This explains why we have compiled this list of the Best 4G phones of 2019.

Which LG phone has the best battery life?

Even though powerhouse smartphone providers like Apple and Samsung are dishing out impressive phone models throughout the year, LG phones pack some unique features.

A Quick Guide to Hack Facebook Messages

Do you want to tap into someone else Facebook Messenger? If yes, you have come to the right place.

Protecting Your Smartphone From Damage

We’ve all been there: dropping our smartphone and nervously picking it up to check whether we’ve managed to do it significant damage, only to see that it is clearly beyond repair. 

Escaping The Smartphone Cycle Of Planned Obsolescence

If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. But planned obsolescence plays a huge role in modern consumerist culture. This means creating products that are designed to expire or become irrelevant within a certain amount of time.

Why Cell Phone batteries explode: All you should know

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone back in August, with its much-lauded battery life, the South Korean firm looked like it was on top of the game -- until the phones started exploding making people to start seeing the phone as a potential explosive.

How to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to PC

If you still own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this post will guide you on how to easily connect the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to a PC. The Galaxy Note 7 with 5.7 inches, corning Gorilla glass 5 display screen is one of Samsung's flagship device for 2016. the phone features a 4GB RAM and a quad HD Amoled display.

How To Load Airtime Using your Phone's Camera

Loading recharge cards on your mobile line can be very frustrating sometimes especially when you can't get a single denomination and have to add up smaller ones to get what you want, Imagine loading Five -  5 (200 NGN recharge cards) to make 1000 Naira. Well, there is an app that allows

Poor Phone Signals? Follow these 4 tips to improve it

This is a guest post by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke, a Travel/Technology writer Experiencing network failure in the middle of a very important call can be very infuriating. You may overlook this if it happens for the first time. However, if the poor reception and dropped calls continue, then your phone signal may probably be the problem. As usual, Jovago, Africa’s No 1

How to Fix Slow internet connection on your Android phone

Android phones can be so frustrating if you have poor or No internet connectivity. Sometimes, the poor internet connection may be as a result of poor internet service from your Network provider BUT how about a situation whereby you can see a stable 3G or H+ on your friend's phone but yours keeps

Best way to protect sensitive data on your Android phone

The best way to protect sensitive data on your Android device is to encrypt the phone. If you have sensitive information on your Android phone and won’t like such information to fall into the wrong hands in cases of theft or loss of the phone, encryption is the surest way and this post contains the step by step process involved, including all you need to know before you embark on it.

How to know Original Tecno phone or battery

Owners of Tecno mobile might have detected some imitations of their products in the market or better still just trying to prevent possible risk of having fake tecno products around by providing an online platform where prospective or current users of tecno mobile can quickly check the genuineness of that Tecno phone before buying it and if you already have one, you may just check for the sake of assurance. Here's how you can check for original tecno battery or phone.

How To Install Earlier versions of BBM Instead Of BBM 8.0

Ever since the latest version of BBM (BBM 8.0) was released, a lot of people using some kind of lower blackberry versions have been having issues with hanging and slow loading on the new BBM, Downgrading to a lower version has also been impossible but here's how  you can delete and install lower versions of BBM on your Blackberry and say bye-bye to the slow loading and frustrating hangs.

Where To Download Free Mobile Games For iPhones, Symbians and Android mobiles

Here is a list of carefully selected sites were you can download free mobile games on your iphones, java, symbian and Android mobile devices. These sites provides a lot of fun , action and adventure games to enjoy. Games such as Batman , Call of Zombies, Mass Effect and so much more can be

Price Of Samsung Galaxy s4 in Nigeria

Just when people were still coping with the heat of The Samsung Galaxy S3 that was released last year by Samsung, rumours also came up that a brother version is also on it's way which is the Samsung Galaxy S4. And according to CNN and some other review sites, the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available for pre-ordering as from April 16 of this year 2013 at the rate of $250 in the US. The phone has been made to be very

MP3TUBE: Download, Convert Youtube videos to mp3 on Windows Phone

To create a custom ringtone on your windows phone 8 - 7.5 requires downloading the song of your choice {that is less than 1MB and not more than 45seconds} with an application that supports the process such as “Freemusic Downloader”, “easyRing & Music” and so many others.

Download PingMe Messenger and Socialize with your friends on Blackberry, Windows phones, Androids and other iOS Phones

PingMe messenger is a social Application that works on Windows Phones , IOS ( like iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 /4S/3GS),  Kindle fire, Android and Blackberry devices. PingMe messenger is a cool application that you can trust to help you socialise, share