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The Best Smartphone Brands in the Nigerian Market

In Nigeria there are always more people switching from a normal cellphone to a smartphone. The reasons can be many: first of all, they are ‘smarter’ and allow you to do many more things, thanks to their apps and browsers, such as chats and surfing the net. Second, they are more trendy and up to date all over the world. So how do you change your

Price Of Blackberry Q10 Gold In Nigeria

The Blackberry Q10 Gold is a "sophisticated" version of the Blackberry Q10 made by RIM, producers of Blackberry, the phone is just like the normal blackberry Q10 but with a 24 Karat-Gold stainless steel frame, Gold Accented Headset , Exclusive Range of BlackBerry PINs and Protective Leather Sleeve in addition to the main features and specifications which includes;