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How to Find Good Employees Who Want to Grow With Your Company

Good employees are fantastic, but good employees who commit long-term are even better. Learn how to find good employees who stay and grow with the company.

A Complete List of the Most Amazing Furniture for Your Office

Did you know that the type of furniture you have in your office can affect your productivity ?

Premier League Betting Made Easy

The premier league season starts in August, and therefore football betting activities are witnessed more during the month. From August till May the next year, lovers of football would be seen watching the games in the stadiums or viewing them from home.

5 Essential Workplace Safety Tips to Keep Your Workers Safe

Did you know that in the year 2017, worker's compensation insurance paid out over $45 million dollars in net premiums? And while this number continues to escalate on an annual basis, it makes you wonder where we are missing the mark. 

Top 7 Innovative Uses for Shipping Containers

Innumerable shipping containers get transported around the globe every year. Indeed, a single Triple E container ship can hold 18,000 20-foot containers .

5 Things to Know About Hiring an Independent Contractor

You know you need to bring in an expert but you only need their help for a short time. If you're thinking of hiring an independent contractor, read this first.

4 Questions You Need to Ask Before Buying a New Mobile

So, you’ve just received a message from your current network telling you you’re due for an upgrade soon and it’s got you thinking. Are you ready for a new phone? What model should you get next? You may already have your eyes on something new, but it’s important to find out whether a phone suits your needs before you commit to buying it. Here are five questions you need to ask before getting a new phone.

Get BIG Discounts on Gadgets for Next 10 Days on has just launched the biggest Gadgets sales event of the year, prices are extremely low and we believe this should be great.

Expert Tips to avoid losing Money in Online betting Games

You don’t have to lose so much before you start making profits in your online betting career. Every game has got rules to enhance safe play and avoid fatal mistakes; this article looks into expert tips that guide participating in online betting games without losing money.

How to protect the eyes When using a Computer

If you spend long hours in front of your computer, it may affect your eyes at the long run. You may start experiencing blurred vision or eye strain due to this. As we are aware, the eyes is a sensitive part of the body. It should be protected by all means. Here are some tips on how you can protect your eyes when using a computer.

How to Know if your National Identity Card is ready for Collection

You can now check the status of your National Identity Card NIMC through your phone or any internet-enabled device. If you have participated in the National Identity Card registration exercise and wish to know if your Card is ready for pick up, this post will guide you on how to verify if your card is ready for pick up or not.

You can Get a new Apartment and Pay rent later, See How

Are you a salary earner?  Is your salary not capable of paying 1/2 year (s) rent at once? or perhaps you prefer to pay your rent monthly, Well, here is good news, you can now get an apartment and pay for it later.

How I Send Free SMS From My Gmail Account To Mobile Phones

Gmail is one of the products of Google and when it comes to free and easy to manage mail with a lot of space, Gmail is definitely the best. Gmail allows you to login easily on your mobile, PCs and other internet devices without hassles unlike the yahoo mail that could give so much trouble while trying to login from your mobile phone.

Where To Download Free Mobile Games For iPhones, Symbians and Android mobiles

Here is a list of carefully selected sites were you can download free mobile games on your iphones, java, symbian and Android mobile devices. These sites provides a lot of fun , action and adventure games to enjoy. Games such as Batman , Call of Zombies, Mass Effect and so much more can be

How To Create Passwords That Are Safe, Strong and Easy to Remember

Passwords are like the lock and key used in securing our online accounts in social networks, Online bank accounts and other related stuffs but just like it's necessary to create very strong passwords, it is also necessary to make the one that is easy to remember and safe. The fact is that every password has to be changed from time to time because you don't know who's watching you, looking for any available means of getting your password and playing the role of a physical malware (:. This post will therefore give you some few but highly effective tips on how to create a safe, strong and very easy to remember passwords that can also be easily changed for a new one without stress