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How to Password Protect a ZIP File? a Helpful Guide

Can a ZIP file be password protected? Yes, you can definitely do it. Read on to learn how to password protect a ZIP file here.

How to Register a Business Name in Nigeria Online

If you are looking for a way to register a Business name or Enterprise in Nigeria without falling into the hands of scammers that are everywhere these days, the easy alternative is to do it yourself from the comfort of your PC on the online CAC online portal.

How to use Uber App

Uber is a great way to travel from one place to another but can be a complicated service to use. This is especially true if you have never used it before, but there are confusing elements, even if you are a regular user.

Why Your Current TV Isn’t A Good Look

A television isn’t just a box with a screen – it’s much more than that to the average person. To human beings, it’s a means of enjoyment and relaxation. After all, there is nothing better than sitting down to watch our favorite Netflix programs on the big screen.

How to Enable Whatsapp Chat heads on your Android Phone

Whatsapp messenger now has a new tweak which allows you to see new messages as chat heads just like your Facebook messenger.

Expert Tips to avoid losing Money in Online betting Games

You don’t have to lose so much before you start making profits in your online betting career. Every game has got rules to enhance safe play and avoid fatal mistakes; this article looks into expert tips that guide participating in online betting games without losing money.

How to Learn Professional Skills With a Busy Lifestyle

Learning new skills is important for all walks of life, but it can be particularly beneficial in your career. However, when you’re already working a full-time job, whilst juggling home and social commitments, it can be very difficult to find the time to acquire new skills.

How to Use Whatsapp as a Search engine like Google

Whatsapp , one of the most widely used mobile messaging application in the world has been discovered to also feature some search engine abilities. This simply means that apart from using Whatsapp to chat and make voice calls, the mobile messaging app can also be used to send search queries and get results in real time. See how to activate it on your whatsapp as you read on.

4 simple steps to improve the Google search results of your business

Google is the biggest search engine in the world as it gives the best and most relevant results compared to other search engines. However, the question is does your business take advantage of Google to boost patronage?

PES 2016 IOS APK For Android: Download and Install Guide

Are you a Lover of Soccer games? especially the popular brand, PES? The good news is that you can now download the PES 2016 game on your Android phone and enjoy the fun wherever you are. 

Get WAEC result checker online for just 700NGN

WAEC candidates can now purchase WAEC Result checker online through any internet enabled device like Smartphones, PC and so on. This service is made available by a popular Payment processing company in Nigeria - MyPaga .

How to Lock or Unlock your PC with a USB

Do you know that you can lock and unlock your personal laptop with a Universal Serial Board? The need for this arises when you do not want colleagues to access your documents, pictures, music and videos.

Solution To Yahoo Mail Login Error on Mobile Phones

In one of my previous posts, I talked about How to know if your Yahoo mail has been attacked   but today I want to quickly share with you the solution to the Yahoo Mail login error ( We’re sorry that you are having difficulty logging in. Please sign in from our desktop login screen and then try login again from our mobile login screen. ) experienced on many mobile phones these days. In fact, these Login error problem is one of the reasons why a lot of people are beginning to ditch the mail platform for other email account providers. You won’t need to do that any more as you read on.

How To Create Passwords That Are Safe, Strong and Easy to Remember

Passwords are like the lock and key used in securing our online accounts in social networks, Online bank accounts and other related stuffs but just like it's necessary to create very strong passwords, it is also necessary to make the one that is easy to remember and safe. The fact is that every password has to be changed from time to time because you don't know who's watching you, looking for any available means of getting your password and playing the role of a physical malware (:. This post will therefore give you some few but highly effective tips on how to create a safe, strong and very easy to remember passwords that can also be easily changed for a new one without stress

How The Etisalat DotMe Service Works

The Etisalat DotMe service is an sms based messaging board service which allows Etisalat customers to share information with contacts any where, anytime. The Etisalat DotMe service is like sending information to a message base and the message will be published and made available to many people as possible via sms PROVIDED they have your number. Etisalat DotMe service does not require an internet connection it is strictly sms based and does not require any setup just send a message and the message will be published as your status and also available for all your family and friends to see via SMS

Airtel introduces 4MB internet Data plan for #50

Do you still remember that Airtel is the only telecommunication provider in Nigeria that made it possible for her customers to recharge  with as low as #50? Well here is another new one From Airtel Internet; 4MB internet plan. Pretty small though.

MTN WEB SELF SERVICE: carry out sim swap and even more

Follow @inforisticblog MTN web self service is a web-based self service solution that will allow you the MTN Customer® request for specific services online at your own convenience without requiring an interaction with an MTN Customer Care Representative.In short you won't have to call the mtn customer care everytime with this MTNWSS. This service is free to use and accessible 24/7 anywhere, Anytime.

How to know if your YAHOOMAIL has been Attacked

Just of recent, i was logged in on my yahoomail to check some messages then decided to look for a particular message that i've sent previously but to my greatest surprise i discovered so many other messages that had been sent to my mail contacts without my consent and most of these messages are

How To Receive Your Facebook Notification on Your Mobile Free

Here's how you can sharply connect your Facebook account to your mobile network within few minutes and you will start getting your Facebook messages and notifications directly on your mobile phone. In addition to this, Facebook connection also allows you to reply to your Facebook messages, poke back, accept/ ignore friend request, update your status and above all, you are given the full

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google

If you've successfully started up a blog on and has not turned off the visibility  of the blog to search engines. You should proceed to Google Search console otherwise known as Google webmaster tools to configure your site for better traffic from Google and structured pages display on search results.