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Google Assistant’s quick phrases will soon replace “Hey Google” hotword

Sometime in April, a strange “voice shortcuts” page appeared for some users under Google Assistant’s settings page. This page directed users to an internal Google documentation for a new feature code-named guacamole . 

Why Technology Detox therapy should be part of your Healthy Living Plan

We've all heard about various detox therapy. Many of you might have even tried one in the past, hoping it will help achieve your desired goals. The main purpose of every detox plan is to detoxify your body of toxic waste that we accumulate on a daily basis, which when removed will allow your body to perform better and prevent diseases.

Using Airdrop could allow Hackers to Obtain your Phone Number- Researchers Revealed

AirDrop Apple is undeniably convenient for sending photos, videos, links and more between iPhone, iPad and Mac. But there is one thing you might not know about AirDrop sharing: part of your telephone number, which is in the wrong hands, can be used to recover your full number.

Microsoft Invests $1 Billion in Open AI to create an Outstanding Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft is investing $ 1 billion in OpenAI, a San Francisco-based research lab founded by Silicon Valley personalities, including Elon Musk and Sam Altman, who is dedicated to creating a General Artificial Intelligence (AGI).

Google - You Can Now Auto-Delete Your Location History

Google is making true on its promise to allow users auto-delete activities and location data. It has now began the roll out of location history deletion tools to Android and iOS; giving you a relatively simple way to limit the scope of Google's location tracking. 

Apple releases 10.5 inch iPad Air, Remixes the iPad Mini

Apple company decided to quietly roll out not one, but two new iPads ahead of it's Spring event this month of March.

Iran blocks access to Instagram and Telegram Apps

The Iranian Government has shut down access to Instagram and Telegram apps as a way to prevent breakdown of law and order.

Google Android O: All you need to know about the OS

Google has unveiled new details of the next version of Android at its massive developer conference, Google I / O. Android O will come to consumer phones later this year.

How The Humble Barcode Transformed The World

You probably barely even notice them. They hide in plain sight on nearly every product you buy, from pasta to perfume and from ice cream to iPods. Those black numbers and lines of varying thicknesses are a technological advancement that is often underestimated.

MacOS High Sierra: All the Features to expect

Do not wait anymore, the new macOS is finally here.  Apple unveiled the latest version of its Mac Operating System at the June 5 WWDC in San Jose, California, all the updates to be excited about have been revealed in this article.

How to Download High Sierra, the next version of MacOS now

The next version of MacOS is ready to be tested.  Apple has just released the first public beta version of High Sierra, the next version of MacOS.

Faraday Future's Upcoming Electric Super Car: See Video

Faraday Future may collapse , but that does not mean that the company can not produce a good video - and possibly build an attractive car.

Russian Blogger was sentenced for playing Mobile Game in Church

If you are in Russia, do not play Pokémon Go in a church. Even if this bloody Mewtwo is hiding there. You might end up in jail.

Escaping The Smartphone Cycle Of Planned Obsolescence

If you haven’t heard of it before, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. But planned obsolescence plays a huge role in modern consumerist culture. This means creating products that are designed to expire or become irrelevant within a certain amount of time.

The Unsung Components of Modern Technology

Everyday technology is used in the world over. Whilst people sit in front of their various devices and screens it’s easy for to forget, or even not know about, the various components that are working tirelessly every time they switch their device on.

Are You Ready for a 3D Printing Revolution?

In 1784, the human race began the very first industrial revolution. We introduced steam, water and mechanical production equipment into our lives that heavily changed the human landscape.

New Trends Show Mobile Is A Must For Business

It seems that the future is most definitely going to be mobile for businesses . We look at our phones around one hundred times each day according to a new report by the Daily Mail.

The Rise of Tecno Smartphones in Nigeria's mobile Market

The inception of Tecno Mobile in 2006 paved the popularity of dual-sim phones on the African markets. But before the company became a leading mobile brand all over Africa, it did not have a good start, as it received a series of negative feedback from the consumers in their target markets.

Apple will start manufacturing iPhones in India by June, Minister says

Late last year, we reported that Apple is planning to start manufacturing iPhones in India . This latest announcement by Indian Government gives a clear definition of how soon it would be.

Apple beats Samsung as the World's Top Smartphone maker - See Report

The results are out and Apple is back on top. According to a new report by research firm Strategy Analytics, the Apple sold more smartphones than any other company in the Q4 - fourth quarter of 2016, including its biggest rival in the competition, Samsung.