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Get full Details of Unknown songs with Shazam Mobile Application

If you have always wanted to get quick and detailed information about a song you just bump into on radio, TV or a public space and asking from people around hasn't been too productive then, Shazam is your best option. 

The Best Smartphone Brands in the Nigerian Market

In Nigeria there are always more people switching from a normal cellphone to a smartphone. The reasons can be many: first of all, they are ‘smarter’ and allow you to do many more things, thanks to their apps and browsers, such as chats and surfing the net. Second, they are more trendy and up to date all over the world. So how do you change your

Microsoft Set to Acquire Nokia's Devices and Services with EUR5.44bn

Microsoft have finally concluded plans to buy the Giant mobile phone producing company,  Nokia . This plan was made known earlier this month of september, 2013 when the board of directors of both companies entered into an agreement whereby Microsoft will purchase substantially all of Nokia’s Devices & Services business, license Nokia’s patents, license and use Nokia’s mapping download Amplified bible and other bible versions to Nokia and other Mobile phones is a dedicated website with various bible versions to download to your mobile phones. Mobile phones that support .jad/.jar applications can also download from this site. If you are the type of person that loves to read your bible  on the go and also have access to different versions of the bible right from your mobile device, then I  recommend

MP3TUBE: Download, Convert Youtube videos to mp3 on Windows Phone

To create a custom ringtone on your windows phone 8 - 7.5 requires downloading the song of your choice {that is less than 1MB and not more than 45seconds} with an application that supports the process such as “Freemusic Downloader”, “easyRing & Music” and so many others.

How To Reduce Data Consumption on Windows Phone

If you are not in the Western part of this world presently like me, you would agree with me that the only Unlimited plan we have here is for the proclaimed ‘ Blacberry users’ while the other smart phone users like Windows phones and Androids are left with no other choice than to pay exorbitant  prices  which is to me, a very biased strategy – Thanks to Glo , Airtel . MTN , Etisalat and Visafone – The major players.

Download PingMe Messenger and Socialize with your friends on Blackberry, Windows phones, Androids and other iOS Phones

PingMe messenger is a social Application that works on Windows Phones , IOS ( like iPhone 5, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone 4 /4S/3GS),  Kindle fire, Android and Blackberry devices. PingMe messenger is a cool application that you can trust to help you socialise, share

How To Download Youtube videos on Windows Phone Fast

Windows Phone 7.5 does not allow direct download of videos or music from the default browser (internet explorer) except through third party applications like UCBrowser , Ultimate music downloader e.t.c

Photomerge App for Windows Phone7: Merge multiple pictures into a single one

Photomerge application is a windows phone 7 application that allows you merge 2 or 3 pictures together as a single one to share with your friends just like the Picstory Application for BlackBerry. The photomerge Application is

Price of Nokia Lumia 710, 800 and 900 in Nigeria

N okia Lumia is one of the phones running on the Windows Phone platform, windows 7.5 to be precise and it's produced to make the world of sharing, browsing and connecting with friends a lot faster. The Nokia Lumia has come in different models with the cheapest one being the Nokia Lumia 710 while the higher models are Nokia Lumia 800 and 900 respectively.       The Nokia Lumia 710 has a 5megapixel autofocus, LED Flash and HD Video camera while others have got a 8MP camera with other fantastic functions. All the series of Nokia Lumia uses a Micro sim card and almost all the network providers in Nigeria has got the Micro sim so you don't have to worry about that. view some of the features here PRICE OF NOKIA LUMIA IN NIGERIA   Due to varying price from shop-shop, i may not be able to give a specific price for Nokia Lumia series but after visiting some big shops at Ikeja, i was able to conclude that the price varies from


With sophisticated networking features, Facebook integrated inbox, your mails on the go, easy file sharing features and so on. Windows phone 7 has got it but despite all the work and fun friendly features, the windows phone 7 has also got a little of my dislike due to the restrictions that also find it's way in the default browser (internet explorer) but not any more with UCBrowser for windows phone 7 . The default internet explorer is really fast but can you upload pix with it?  Obviously, the answer is NO! and apart from that, it's also lacking several other interesting features that can be found in the UCBrowser. Checkout the reasons:

How I use the COLORIFY App. to make awesome pictures on Windows phone 7

Colorify is an application which allows you to carry out your creative, artistic skill on your pictures. With this application, you can turn the whole of your picture to grayscale and then stylishly restore your desired part of the picture to it's original color. You can also use it to paint your pictures anyhow you deem fit and then determine whether to share it immediately on your social networks or keep it on your phone by saving it (the choice is yours)